Top 10 Reasons why Children are extremely Precious to Parents

It is very well said that “People are nothing without children, even if they are in the top position in this world”. Parental love is the loveliest thing in this world. This love never changes, either it was of thousand years ago or that of the present time. It is the primary love; we were born as the children of adoring parents and grew up receiving the same love. Whether we are young or old this love never fades but as the age gets older, the responsibility gets bigger. If a parent is looking after the child’s best interests and they are questioning about it, then questionably their actions reflect love and concern.

so, here are the top 10 reasons why Children are extremely Precious to Parents:

10)   To reach a better standard.

Parents love their children incredibly not because they want some reward for doing so, but they hope to reach a better standard of living. For this reason only, parents want their children to be a better and winning person in life. They want their children to set high goals for them and then achieve the goals with pride.

9)     They love being a parent

Being a parent is the most excellent feeling ever! When someone become a parent they realize what REAL love is. Parents take care of their children, fulfill their needs, do the things they want them to do and spend time with them to make them feel special. Children are a great source of entertainment. They have lots of energy and can be lots of fun. They easily develop a sense of wittiness and excitement. Playing with them is very enjoyable. They will suffer deeply if their child is hurt and will do everything needed to protect their child from any harm. Parents do these things happily and without complaints. Parents will always love their child regardless of what their child does to them.

8)     Re-embodiment/reincarnation


Face and frame is just a small part of our identity. A child will definitely inherit his/her parents features and structure but most importantly a child will take up its parent’s ideas, manners, beliefs and thinking. All these things will bring a change in a parent’s life, will make them mature and they will love their children more because people will praise their child for his/her manners and behavior.

7)     Big dreams

Parents live their dreams through their children. They want their children to be the best in the world. They wish their child to be a successful person in life so they can be proud of them.  Every parent has it in their mind that their children will definitely fulfill their dreams one day; it’s their duty to do so.

6)     Reflection.

Children are a reflection of the parents themselves or we can say that a child completely reflects its mother’s/father’s actions. Their child reminds them of their childhood, they show them how far they have come in life now. They will remember the time when they were young and were of their child’s age. They will remember all the difficulties they faced during their childhood and they will teach their children how to handle things in bad situations.

  5) Re-experiencing childhood

To watch their own child playing with toys, eating, crying loudly, walking, dancing or sleeping give them a pleasure and a feel of their own childhood when they used to do the same things. For parents, Playing with a 2-3 year old kid is like being 2-3 years old again. They actually have all the wisdom of age but still they can have the energy of youth.

4)     Learning and Teaching things.

Parents have to teach their children a lot of things but actually they can learn many small small things from them. Their child will be teaching them emotional sympathy, when they are busy teaching their child about some useful aspects.  Each new idea or talent or proficiency or word learned is a small win as in every single day something new is discovered or way can say exposed by kids. It is very fascinating to watch your child learn something new and different. This teaching and learning process is pleasing and gratifying.


3)     Dependency on children


Parents somehow depend on their children. Children are their future support; they are their backbone. Parents do all the sacrifices to fulfill their children’s wishes when they are in their growing age. So, now it’s their turn to do things for their parents during their old age (or after retirement). Children have to hold up their parents. All they want is some love and care from the one they love, that’s why children are so precious to their parents.


2)     Maintain the blood line/ancestry

Children represent not only their parents but their family also. Children are extremely precious as they retain the blood line or ancestry of their family. Their actions and behavior speaks about the family itself. They have to maintain their family’s pride and honor in the society.


1)     Unconditional natural Love.

Parents love their children unconditionally. Because they are a part of them it comes naturally. They are the centre of their child’s world.  The love parents feel for their child is not comparable. Parental love naturally springs up, when parents feel the bond of life to the children. Parents cannot help but love their children because of the string of life connecting them.


All these points prove that children are very important for parents.  “God can’t be with everyone that’s why he made parents to be with us every time and everywhere to support us”. Parental love is quite complicated but still we can’t ignore this fact that Parental love for their children is endless and children must respect this.


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