Top 10 Reasons to Join Army and Help Nation

The background you belong to hardly matters when it comes to choosing a career in armed forces. People from all walks of life- a weird techie, an action lover, a body-building passionate or even a typical nerd, may get inclined towards a “larger than life” lifestyle of an Army man! The broad scope of opportunities that the armed forces have to offer is hard to resist! There are various reasons for which a person would join army. The popular (and the interesting) ones are listed below!

10. Education:

Army provides funds for the higher education of its personnel. And this is one of the main reasons why army people are highly qualified and full of knowledge in their fields. In today’s times when getting quality education has become a tedious task, army provides this special facility to its people, giving them benefit over civilians. The GI supports the people who want to study for army. This scheme provides free books and coaching to the people who actually want to study for military services. Government also supports the military student in one or the other way to get their degree.

9. Money:

Everyone wishes to start on a high so that they can be at par with their peers right from the word go. What is the better option than a glorious and amazing career in army. It offers a “cool” salary. And who doesn’t love money and the luxury it brings along. There is a large scope of money in this particular field and also it offers a luxurious lifestyle to most of its officer. Army people have a particular royal status in the society. As their salaries are pretty good and there is lot of money in this field so these army people are counted one amongst the richest communities in the society.

8. Travel:

With the rule that army people get transferred to different parts of a country, within a very short span of time they get to know the geography and history of various parts of their country. Also, not only army pays for the travel expense of you and your family, it also pays for the goods that you carry. Now isn’t this reason enough for “travel-buffs” to think of a career in army. Army people have an economic option to travel all over the world as all their charges of staying and all is paid by the government. So army people have a benefit of travelling all around.

7. Benefits:

There are a huge number of non-educational benefits that the army has to offer. Home loans, business loans and most importantly, healthcare facilities. Today, when the medical expenses are reaching sky high limits, army people have nothing to worry about. And all this comes without any deduction in their salaries. All these advantages are given to the army people education is not the only advantage that these people are having. So army is a nice option as it offers variety of useful benefits to its officers.

6. Following In Family’s Footsteps:

In some families, professions don’t change over generations. A carpenter’s son will be a carpenter, a businessman’s son will be a businessman and a shopkeeper’s son will be a shopkeeper. There is a pride in carrying forward the legacy of a family. And the “men in uniform” should be proud to do so. So in most of the cases a son of army officer wants to become an army officer only and carry forward his parent’s profession.

5. Love for the Country:

There is nothing greater than putting your motherland above everything that you have. For army people, their personal lives, their families, their feelings take a backseat when it’s a matter of their country. People having these feelings find a perfect platform for their future in armed forces. Patriotism that is the love for the country is present in the blood of these people in greater quantity then any normal people. So these people love to fight for their country and this is the best career option for such people.

4. Real World Skills

The skills that army people acquire during their serving period in armed forces not only enables them to become efficient but also makes them much more skilled than their civilian counterparts. And these skills help them even in their retirement years. A great sense of responsibility also gets generated in the army people.

3. Camaraderie

The army people are connected to each other by a common mutual feeling- of fighting for their nation. And it is because of this common feeling that they develop a bond, a stong bond of friendship amongst themselves where they know they would do anything for their peers. This precious quality sets army men apart from other people.

2. A Lifetime Career

“Once An Army Man, Always An Army Man”. The career of army people never ends. They get the respect, the honor, the proud feeling throughout their lives. Joining army ensures you get these lifetime benefits.

1. Honor

There is respect in the hearts of people for those in the armed forces. And there is no greater feeling in the world than seeing people from all walks of life looking at you with respect and honoring you without even asking for it.

There may be many who may join army just because it sound “cool” to them or the fighter tanks excite them or the uniform looks classy to them! Whatever be it, these are reasons enough for people to join the army and prove their worth!

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