Top 10 Reasons to Love your Parents

No matter how old a mother is , she always watches her middle aged children for signs of improvement. The happiest moments of all men’s lives are always spent in the arms of a wife of another man – mother! a man with parents alive is a fifteen year old boy and remains a fifteen year old boy till they die. Parentage is the most important profession , but no test of fitness for it is ever imposed in the interest of children. Parents love their children more than anything.but at times we are so busy growing up that we often forget that even our parents are growing old.

10. Parents Love Us

Every parents love their children. they consider their children as the most important and precious aspect of their lives. a hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. Parents’ love for their children is obvious from each and every effort they do for their children. They deserve to be loved back by their children. Parents are the two people which have greatest influence on our lives. They are the people we want to be with throughout our life.

9. Parents give Birth

Parents bring us on this earth to live life, parents rear their children with so many dreams and expectations in their eyes.but utmost expectation of a parent is to be acknowledged and loved back by the children.our parents take so much care of us that we always feel like a five year old in the absence or presence of our parents. It is a universal truth that kids often try to copy their parents. Thus the parents turn out to be the first teachers whom we admire.

8. Parents ignore our Mistakes

Parents keep in ignoring petty issues and mistakes of their children. They have great patience and tolerance power .especially mothers in our society, take place elsewhere occupied by the fates, the system, community, mothers go on getting blamed for their children till their eighties, but never take it personally.nothing could convince our parents stop loving us they try to love us at every situation.they handle our mistakes very wisely and help us how to avoid them in future.

7. Parents bear Our Expenses

Whatever a kid demands, his parents try to fulfil the demand of their kid. The first demand that a kid makes by crying for milk makes the milk ooze out of a mothers breast. Similar type of this reactions keep on coming forward as a kid keep on demanding for the one thing or the other throughout his life. Tthey may at times provide us with the basic and quintessential needs of our survival but also sacrifice their own for us.and above all , bearing all the hardships silently is what makes them “parents”

6. Parents Can not be Replaced

There are many relationships we have to come across by virtue of being social animals. Friends come and go ,lovers and beloveds keep on making or breaking up but there is only one stable relation on this earth which is our parents , who never or could be changed or replaced. Every child has the best parents in the world.there is no concept of a new parent but there is a always an option of new wife or husband or a new friend

5. Parents Sacrifice for Us

They keep on fulfilling our demands and often they have to make sacrifices in order to fulfil our demands. They do it without showing any signs of dismay or distress. They don’t even mention about their sacrifices and keep on making till their death.first our parents give us life and then they try to give their own life to us.

4. Parents Teach Us

Our parents are our first teachers. They teach us by holding our fingers, how to stand, take first step and then move on to various other countless activities of our lives. It is funny the way a parents’ raised eyebrow can teach a child in a more effective manner than any other punishment in the world.

3. Parents give wings to our dreams

Whatever a child wants to be in his life, he simply has to tell it to his parents and then follow his dreams. They spend all their earnings in chasing their children’s dreams and shaping up their futures and careers for a better life ahead. They play the most important role in our lives.

2. Parents never forget us

Howsoever ungrateful a child may turn out to be but parents never show indifference. Children are always loved by their parents. Children may at times abandon their parents but a very idea of the same leaves the parents in a feeling of destitute. They smile or cry with their children.

1. Parents live for their children

They spend each and every moment of their life thinking, planning and earning for their children. Sometimes they even sideline their own desires and feelings but make no delay in doing anything for their children. Their life is just for their children. They can’t live for a second without their children. love your parents.

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