Top 10 Reasons why you should Believe in God

Are you searching for answers to deep underlying questions core to our existence? Do you often wonder whether God exists and if he/she exists, then in which form? In fact, finding time in solace contemplating such deeper thoughts is no short of your inner quest about understanding yourself. Self-realization or self-actualization is a process that follows a chain of thoughts, where you find yourself answering to most intrinsic questions you face. Following are 10 reasons for believing in God, as a result of such contemplations.

1.      Faith And Belief:

A strong belief is a living proof of faith. One cannot believe without faith. Many religious have place concept of faith at epicenter to their teachings. It is difficult to doubt at the same time you believe in something. Moreover, mind behaves in an age old-pattern, as it tries to find its next immediate state of comfort. However, in its process lies a deep fruit of culmination driven by faith. Simply to put, one cannot believe in things without carrying a faith towards it. The very existence of faith and belief is what compels mind to seek for a universal quality that can be accessed by a supreme being in possession of these qualities.

2.      Scientific Limits:

In today’s modern age, Science is the way we think, touch, eat, sleep and engage in every activity that makes sense. Moreover, one cannot question anything without being scientific. Although, there lies a limit beyond which one cannot base his/her thinking on a rational front. Everything sublimes and ceases to define superior intelligence or a motive behind it. Here, we find support from religious teaching to seek an answer where science ceases to answer it. Certain faiths such as existence of God, ghosts, after-life and others give rise to greater myth which science remains to unfold. It is here, that we turn to our inner listening and begin to believe God.

3.      Existence And Evolution:

Our species are often referred as ‘Human Beings.’ The word ‘Being’ associated with the word ‘Human’ itself explains our evolution in consciousness. In fact, the word ‘Being’ means evolving in now. Fundamental questions that relate to our existence and evolution are questions that science cannot answer without a hypothesis. Moreover, it becomes difficult in making a logical sense out of answers that throw up questions on over evolution and existence. Surprisingly, these answer come from our inner most core that are established over faith. Further, no matter which faith or religion a person follows, his inner quest always bounces him/her to ponder upon a higher calling that drives us closer to a universal presence, whom we commonly address as God. Thus, contemplation over existence and evolutions compels use to believe in God.

4.      A Heart That Beats:

Love is a difficult emotion which even scientists fail to define. Literatures may define love as a feeling of belonging or the feeling of oneness with the whole. Perverts may call it a hormonal imbalance or an intoxicating splurge of joy. Likewise, different interpretations may throw up when searched for true meaning of love. Further, when it comes to drawing love, most of us depict it in form of picture of a heart. It is truly amazing that even though we know that love exists, we never managed to find from where it emerges. Most people believe that love rests in heart, as our heart-beats respond to love. However, some others believe that love is just a connection that originates from a supreme nature of being. While still others that say it is a living proof of existence of god.

5.      Religions & Literatures:

Take an example of any religious book. Turn initial pages or final pages and you almost come across scriptures described in mystical stories that convey the strongest idea, that there exists a supreme creator and that there also exist an end. Some call Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, as a manifestation of divine nature of a supreme creator itself. Further, all religions are faith-based and convey deepest idea on existence of God and how believing in him/her could rescue us from our miseries. Thus, religion and literature are living example of proof that propels one to believe in existence of a beginning and end, or God.

6.      Nature:

The origin of ecosystem and its fragility astonishes many. How small changes in our ecosystem can cause tremendous effects is a matter of both debate and contemplation. Nature around us, the air we breathe, the trees whose fruits we eat and the land where we sow seeds all hint to an existence of an external creator.

7.      Miracles:

Miracles are mysteries that cannot be explained beyond faith. Further, it is difficult to argue their existence as science as it is still in its early stages of analysis about exact reasons that causes miraculous healings. Further, researches on ‘placebo effects’ are under progression and still remain unanswered at large. Many religious literatures have described about miracles which cannot be denied at first look. Moreover, inability of science in falsifying their existence also makes us believe in God.

8.      Yoga or self-contemplation:

Yoga is a science of self-observation or self-contemplation that helps a living entity observe in reconciliation of large faith that surrounds us. Many Yoga teachers have experienced a divine wisdom through Yoga, which makes one believe in presence of a super being we address as God.

9.      Music:

It is amazing how music is a language that touches soul. Regardless of language barriers, music can convey strange set of emotions to those even animal respond in a friendly way. Existence of music hints to existence of medium through which all living being including animals could be connected and hence a belief in God arises.

10.      Unseen Universe:

Last but not the least, science has proved that observable universe consist of only 5% of it. Rest 95% comprises of dark energy and dark matter. The urge to know it also creates a belief that there exist larger entities whose existence decides our fate and justifies belief in God. Thus, limits of science to express fundamental question also trigger a belief in God.

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