Top 10 Qualities you Should Look Out in a Man

Since 2 women can’t be same, every women has different type of criteria for men they are looking for. Women are the most complicated creature on the Earth. Every women has its own “perfect man” of her dreams. It is impossible to know just what the mixture is supposed to be. Women criteria for a perfect wing man varies for boyfriend to husband.

Here are the top 10 qualities that every women look out in a man :

10. Honesty

As we all know honesty is the best policy. Every women value trust, mutual understanding in a relation. If you lie in a relation, then the chances of having a long relation decreases directly propotionally to your lies. If she is looking nice in her new dress ,then say it loud and clear , she would love to hear those words from you. Don’t fool around with her feeling ,with the pretext of “not hurting her feeling”. Tell her the truth, as long as you can take care of not hurting her feeling. She will definitely respect your honestly and will be happy and grateful for it.


A good man is who respects her ideas, feeling and thoughts while receiving his own respect back. If you always keep and eye on her, does’t trust her it will definitely scare her off. Your constant attempts on having a eye check on her will not only turn your relation into sour but will also make her run for a cover. Encourage her to spend time with her friends or do whatever she feel like. You should respect her space and time.

8. Sense Of Humor

A man with a good sense of humor understand the importance of making a women laugh. A  man with good sense of humor usually tops a women attraction wish list and is one of the best way to turn her on.  Another key component of laughter is that when you are  a little depressed and unhappy, then the guy will make you happy, and if you are really interested in romance, then you will laugh at  jokes–even if they aren’t funny!

7. Intelligent 

Men who are smart and hold a good intelligent conversation usually qualifies in a women “perfect man ” list. Intelligence is a very important factor a man should hold, when a guy is stupid, insane and boring it becomes very difficult to have a happy journey of life. When it comes to make important decisions, women expect from men to make right moves and wiser decisions. Having with a intelligent partner, will ensures you that your needs and demands will be satisfied with better understanding and communication.

6. The ability To Protect

Women can stand up for themselves very well, but deep down in their heart they want someone who should protect them. Nothing pleases women more than “you are safe with me”  assurance like Offering  to walk with you when its late in the night. The small gestures of men like putting their arms on you give a sense of protectiveness.

5. Money

Your better half should belong a rich and loyal family. Love can’t fill stomach. Having a rich and well -settled life partner gives you assurance that all your needs and demands will be fulfilled and your future generation will also be secured. Money helps in making your relation smoother and grateful.

4. Chivalry

A good man is known by how she treats the women. Respect for the women, small gestures show that whether a man is good or not. Very little gestures like holding doors, fumbling  hand to help her get out of the car and offering to fix things around her apartment work add magic to personality. pushing the chair outward while making sit comfortably. These small gestures really work out and help in knowing what kind of person is your life partner.

3. Manners and Hygiene

You might dream for a rockstar, C.E.O of world’s largest company or a  bohemian lifestyle, but prefer men who are well-groomed and well clean. Men having habits like Leaves loo too messy, does’t smell well, Does’t wash clothes at the regular interval of time, uses same towel for washing hand and face should be avoided. If he is going to late for a date then its his duty to tell in advance and apologize. Bad  habits like shouting at you after drinking and speaking in rough language should not be tolerated.


Trust is the only key for a happy relationship. Having trust on other take so long to attain and can be destroyed so quickly. Its not a big issue that whether you are in a causal or serious relation but you should be loyal to your partner. The man you are dating with should be loyal to you. Make sure that the man you dating does’t hits on any other women, don’t went out on a date with with any other girl and makes you feel like that you are the most beautiful and precious gift to him by god. So a lot of us may finally settle on a very trustworthy person when we finally find him.

1. SuperHot

The first thing which all girls notice that whether the guy is smart and handsome. Your partner should be superhot and should look like a rockstar. But one thing we should keep in our mind is that inner beauty is more precious than outer beauty. So, choose a man who really has a beautiful heart and makes you life beautiful and worth living.


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