Top 10 Most Dangerous & Unsafe Cities in the World

In today’s era crime is everywhere; there is no city which is crime free. But still there are some cities which are very very risky as compared to other cities. All the people who are planning to travel somewhere around this world, must be aware of those places or cities which are very dangerous and one should never even think about going there alone or with your family. There are cities in this world which has beautiful spots and places for visiting but these cities are insecure for people. For all the travelers and tourists, I am listing the Top 10 Most Dangerous (unsafe) cities in the World:

10) Caracas, Venezuela

This city is very famous for drug trafficking, theft activities and for many other big crimes. This city’s car theft rate is very high. The thieves can steal your car even from the high security. This city is in the top of the list of Murder rates. Murder figures have reached up to 130 (per one lakh people). It’s a drug running place. Many people of the city blame that that government is not listening to their complaints and is least interested in taking some immediate serious actions. The people of this city need more protection than they have right now. Thus, this city is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

9) Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi is the most famous and the most populated city of Pakistan. The city is a fine looking place but its peace and harmony is lost now. The present state of Karachi is bad. Lots of Criminal actions took place in Karachi over past few years. Murder and kidnapping is very common in Karachi. We can say that its people are used to it now but the people are scared to, especially about their families. There were numerous bomb blasts, robberies, phone snatching, car hijacking, etc in Karachi. Their people are not safe as Karachi is a very unsafe city.

8) Grozny, Chechnya

A very destructive war took place in mid 1990’s between Russia and Chechnya. In 1991, Chechnya was declared independent. As a result of the conflict Grozny was very much devastated because of all the missiles and dynamites. The place was tore apart. Finally in 2006, the struggle was ended but by then people of Grozny were living under threat as the city has become a home of drug mafia, terrorist attacks and activities, various gangs, etc. The people of the city are trying to protect themselves but still the kidnapping rates of the city are quite high. Many people are missing. The place is a menace especially for western tourists.

7) Bogota, Colombia

Living in this city is a huge risk as this city is not a reputed one because of the high drug trade in which the city is involved. Just behind the drug trades there are kidnapping rates. There are lots of places in this city that are must watch but mostly, kidnappers target the tourists of the city. Thus, the place is hell for tourists. There are political groups in the city that are working against the government of Colombia. But from 90’s there have been some improvements in the environment of the city. Now, city’s north side is quite safe for people as compared to south.

6) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It is a beautiful and busy city of Brazil with some awesome beaches and landscapes also. But from some years the city is indulge in number of crimes. One of them is drug trafficking. Street crimes are likely to happen every day there. About 20% of the city’s population is very much suffering and is living in economic chaos with difficulties. It’s not at all a safe place for travelers and guests; they are especially advised not to travel with too much money or any important obsessions like jewelry. Police of the place are protective but you may have to bribe them sometimes.

5) Cape Town, South Africa

This city is full of life and colors. It’s such a striking and stunning place. The city is also one of favorite tourist destinations. But its rank in the list can show you how dangerous this place is for a good living. Lots of robberies have given a huge warning to the people who live there. The environment of this city is negative and is full of sexually abuse actions and kidnappings. Housebreaking is not a big deal there in Cape Town. Moreover if you are walking down an unknown street then you can be in danger anytime and you can be robbed. Tourists are specially advised to hang-out in those areas which are full of people.

4) Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez is one of the unsafe cities in the world because of its theft stories like pick pocketing. The economic circumstances of this city are not so well and this thing leads to crimes and drug cartels. The people of the communities responsible for drug trafficking are quite violent. That’s why the city is among the most violent places across the world. It has been said that the police force of this city is corrupt. Some people of Ciudad Juarez seem to blame the Mexico government for the violence in and around the city while the others think that the constant American War is hiding the illegal drug trade. A big problem in this city is that of Drug Mafia.

3) Mogadishu, Somalia

Mogadishu is a lawless city as the city has lost its central government authority in 1991 due to civil war. Many people of this city are poor as their financial status lie below poverty line. Thus, the economical condition of this city is bad. Three years ago a lot of people discarded this place when the place was quite destroyed and buildings were bombarded. Still the place is as brutal as it was before. The state of political violence is even worse. Terrorists are performing the terrorist activities openly and fearlessly. All these things turned this city as a dangerous one.

2) San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Well, San Pedro Sula is thought-out to be even more precarious city than Afghanistan and Iraq. In this city the problem of robbery is actually out of control of anyone. It’s a rule there to solve everyone’s each and every problem with violence only regardless of whether the problem is big enough to discuss or not. Peace is nowhere seen in this city. The Criminals generally target the foreigners. Thus, the foreigners are warned to be safe. It is some sort of necessary for each and every citizen of this country to carry a weapon for their protection.

1)Baghdad, Iraq

We all are aware that Baghdad is the richest oil containing city of Iraq. The political environment of this city is very unbalanced. Once upon a time Baghdad was a peaceful city but now due to some obstructions of outside forces, Baghdad is on the verge of destroying. Many innocent people are already dead as a result of many bomb blasts and suicide blasts that happen every day in Baghdad. Life in Baghdad has decreased with an enormous speed because of blasts and attacks. Now, Baghdad is the most dangerous and unsafe city in the world as it has drowned in blood.


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