Top 10 Happiest Moments in One’s Life

Happiness is something we all strive for, Its the primary motivator for trying to achieve all our goals in life. actually , happiness comes from is the stage when what we do , say or think , are in should remain happy in every condition because every minute we are angry , we lose 60 seconds of happiness.but there are always some moments in our life which when cherished bring a smile on our face .often people settle down to cherish the past memories of their lives and are carried away to the world of fantasies.past experiences which have been a good time always bring a smile on our lips and give an impetus to bear overcome all the hardships of life.

10. Falling in Love

love happens in everybody’s life. love is the condition in which happiness of the beloved is essential for your own. watching your soul mate smiling gives you a sense of deep bliss which could not be achieved by millions of dollars.this is the moment when merriment knows no boundaries and world is all lit by candles of provides your soul with an eternal happiness.

9. Winning Prize Money

there is a magic in money which is doubled when it is not earned by blows of sweat but is won ! lack of money is the root of all evils and it is all the more hard to make money step by step but that one moment when you win a cash money makes you elated with a sense of it is often said that money makes the table turns!and the joy is doubled when you win a sum of money from a lottery.

8. Owing First Car

all humans are fascinated with cars.owing a dream car is definitely a wonderful moment in your life . driving a hot car makes you feel relaxed in that fancy world that makes you feel all the stress produced by the uneasiness of life.wiper of your favorite car is a way more satisfying than any other luxury in your life.and it is never true that only men have passion for cars.there are women and children who are fascinated by luxury cars.that hold of the steering of your dream car makes you feel overwhelmed by a feeling of achievement.

7.First Pay Cheque

the first time you receive your salary is very important irrespective of how much the money amount actually is.the worker who has been struggling to life till he receives his first salary cheque cannot compare the moment of victory with any other moment of completion.when you put efforts and those efforts are paid back in the form of a salary cheque , joy of elation cannot me measured in words.

6. Meeting you Favourite Celebrity

people often adore some celebrities in their lives be it  politician , a film star or some other famous person. a lot of celebrities , especially when you are talking about really big ones , live in a fame bubble and coming across that bubble and talking to these big people brings you a happiness that could be matched with any other success in life.people may keep the moment intact for future in the form of autographs of their  favouritecelebrity.

5.Achieving Optimum Weight

to be in shape and look gorgeous is the dream of every other person and it has been a very tough job to do.many people spend hours working out in gymn and achieve very little.the moment when the weighing machine actually gives the measurement which you actually wanted turns out to be a pay off to all your efforts.

4.Reaching Dream Destination

all of us strive for a holiday that could be spent somewhere on the beaches of Mauritius or valleys of a  beautiful hill station. holiday destinations are dream of many people who keep on longing for the right time or the right budget and sometimes even the right companion.but a blend of all the above said elements and  full holiday package is a big time source of happiness.

3.Getting Married

marriage is a vital part of every social beings’ brings with it new promises and relations which proves to be a special turn in everybody’s life. it is the day for which every individual looks forward in life.finding you soul mate in your life partner is the utmost happiness one can derive from his or her life.

2. Achieving your Aim in Life

bearing all the pains of hard work and missing vital episodes of fun for your aim in life is part and parcel of every goal oriented person in can strive for any goal be it in academics , sports or business. but when your hard work gets paid back on that final day your emotions knows no always makes the person who has worked hard to know that his or her efforts are bearing fruits.

1. Birth of your Baby

when life turns a new fold and you hold your baby for the first time , tiny hands and that angelic little creature makes you enter a new phase of your life.your responsibilities and preferences in life change from that very moment and life unfolds a new chapter which could only be felt by actually experiencing that moment.

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