Top 10 Effects of a Broken Family to the Child

Broken family is a serious issue these days. Many families are separated. This does not only end up the relationship of the couple but may end up the beautiful life of the child ahead. Though this family issue cannot be totally avoided especially if the reasons are valid but it is always clever to think of the growing up years of the child. Doing so would help avoid the following effects.

Top 10 Effects of a Broken Family to the Child

10. Broken Family

Since the child was raised in a broken family, he might also be like his parents when the time comes for him/her to have his/her family. The child may think that having a broken family is normal.

9. Early engagement in sexual life

Being raised in a broken family, the child may feel unloved and alone. This will result to finding company with others and looking for father or mother figure. Exposure to mature companions will lead him or her to premarital sex.

8. Leave home early

Why does a child from a broken family want to leave home? It is because the child may think it is better to stay away from his/her family than to stay with them hearing all the problems. Or, he might think that maybe running away from home might help his/her parents realize that they are wrong.

7. Depression

Instead of having a peaceful, loving, and united family, all he/she has are separated parents who never agree on certain things. At a young age, he/she has this burden. He/She will get emotional that leads to depression and much worse leads to suicide.

6. Rebel acts and Imprisonment

Being rebellious can be the effect of being bullied when he/she was still a child. Also, the negative experiences and depression due to the verbal and physical violence he/she heard and saw in the house can trigger his/her mean and cold behavior to others.

5. Distant to both Parents

The child will have a distant feeling if he/she thinks that he/she is an addition to his/her parents’ problem, or he/she might be the reason why they get separated. Another reason for cold relationship is that the child may feel that having a broken family is not the life that he/she wants for in a family. Or much worse, he/she will look for some care and attention from friends, which is just different from parents’ care and is dangerous.

4. Femininity and Masculinity

In some cases, the child may get confused of his/her sexuality. It is because he/she thinks that it is much better to love his/her same gender wherein he/she feels much safer and cared than with the opposite gender. But this still depends on the parents since these days people are gradually accepting homosexuality. So the parents support is very crucial.

3. Low grades and dropouts

Of course, if the parents are divorced, they live in separate houses. One will have the child’s custody. And the custodian will still be working so there would be less attention given to the child. The parent cannot attend school meetings and activities. The child will get jealous to others who have father and mother. With these, together with his/her emotional and social status, he/she will lose his/her motivation in studying. There would be time that he/she will not go to school.

2. Lack of Self-Esteem

The child loses his self-esteem for he/she thinks that the parents do not love and support him/her. The parents might support him/her financially but it is not what he/she needs only. The child needs his/her parents’ physical presence. For example, in a recital, the child wants and expects both of his/her parents to see him/her. But because of an argument, none of them attended the recital. The child loses his/her confidence over this.

1. Bullied and Bully

His playmates and schoolmates will tease him/her for having no parents. Most of the time, it is not just plain teasing but also with physical contacts. Because the bullies think that no one cared ever the child, they will overpower the child. Otherwise, he/she might as well be a bully. He/She will express his/her anger, sadness, and frustrations to others either verbally or physically, or both.

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