Top 10 Easiest Jobs in the World

We all know that getting a job is one of the toughest things in the world. It takes years of education to make yourself an eligible candidate for a job. Then you go through a series of interviews in various companies where you are rejected by many and hired by one. You do hours of work to get that monthly pay which most of the times is not even sufficient to meet your needs .  If we talk about students and part time workers getting a job is next to impossible. But there are a few ways in which you can bag some easy income. There are various jobs out there which do not require high qualifying degrees .  They simply require a little bit of time of yours and you are paid for the hours you have put in. It has a very good scope to earn money for teenagers who cant take full time jobs. Also if you want to earn some  money sitting at home ; like house wives ;can pick any such job. The following are the top 10 easiest jobs around.


10. Ticket checker.


I am sure we all have been to the movies at least once . What is the first thing that we do when we enter in? We take our tickets out of our pockets and hand it over to the man standing at the entrance wishing to see our tickets. What he does is simply stand in the way before every show and take tickets from you which you very obediently hand over. He then tears your ticket into 2 and gives you one half of it . That is all .. His job is done !! And he is paid for this. Isn’t it an easy way to earn money. Plus you can peak into any screen and watch your show free of cost. He can even let his friends in without tickets . What else do you want ?  Earn easy and have fun !!!


9. Cashier.


We all love shopping don’t we? Whenever at the mall be it any shop that you visit there is this one person quietly sitting in the corner with a computer . You purchase something and you go this person he will run your stuff through a bar code reader and the price will automatically be visible on the screen . He does not need to type anything . Then the total amount will also show up sparing any manual calculations  He will speak perfectly calculated words simply telling you the amount and taking your hard earned money and returning you the change. That is it. No physical labor , no typing no maths. Isn’t it indeed an easy way to earn money?


8. Baby sitting.


We love those cute little angels . With the increasing number of working population it has become difficult for parents to take care of their child. When both the parents are working and there is no one in the house who is suppose to look after the baby. Well one of them has to leave the job. But not any more . We have baby sitters now who look after the baby in your absence. You stay in the cozy environment of the house use their facilities and take care of their baby for a few hours. If you good with kids then this is absolutely not a problem. You can have fun with the cute one and even earn money. Give it a try you can do it very easily.


7. Voice actor.


In the recent trends that we have witnessed there is a lot of animation going around in the entertainment world. Be it any cartoon series or dubbing a series in some other language there is  a particular set of people that lend their voices to bring life to the animated creatures. These are the voice actors. all you need to do is read the dialogues that have been given to you and project some emotions thats all. If you are fond of speaking and modulating your sound you can easily do this job.  In the comfort zone of the studio you speak over a mike looking at a video and done. It sure is easy when you are paid for talking.


6. Food critic.


There are various exotic restaurants around. Each one claims to have a particular specialty. Its not that they invent a dish and straight away serve it to the customers. They need to make sure that the food is indeed good and will be appreciated by the customers coming in. Various industries launching new flavors each day also need to make sure that it is indeed palatable. They take the help of a food tester. These are a bunch of people who are paid by the management to taste the food and test it . They have to eat the food and give their feed back and point out the pros and cons. Yes they are paid for this. It is indeed a fun way to earn money.


5. Librarian.


Yes we do have lots of public libraries still existing. With the advent technology the eBooks have picked up a lot of popularity so lesser and lesser people visit libraries these days. But where there is a library there is a librarian. He takes care of the discipline in the library which is not much of a task with so less number of people walking in. With introduction of computer it is anyways easy to keep a record of the total books and borrowings. You get to sit in a place that is quiet clean and has a lot of books. If you are a book lover then it is your paradise. You just have utter a few words from time to time to maintain silence and your job is done.


4. Newspaper delivery.


Yes we all have one newspaper boy in the vicinity. These people need to deliver papers to the houses in the vicinity who don’t have time to step out and get one for them. They often on a bicycle carry newspaper and deliver it to the respective houses. They don’t even have to wait for some one to come and pick it. They simply throw it in the yard form their cycles or simply fix it over the latch. And the job is done.Although the day for them starts very early but their working hours are probably the shortest.


3. Online surveys.


There is nothing that internet cannot give. From information to jobs it has everything that you ever want to seek. With the industries on the buzz and cost cutting being the motto many  jobs have come up in the recent times over the net. Online surveys is probably the most popular among them. You simply join a firm that offers this job and then fill in surveys that are available. Yes this is your job and nothing else. You simply answer a few questions that the dealer needs to know by clicking on the right option and your survey is done. And you are paid handsomely for this.


2. Call centers.


Yes this is one of the most popular jobs these days in countries like India who are outsourcing partners to various international firms. In order to join a BPO you need to have fluent English and some communication skill. You give your interviews which merely assesses your skills and you are hired when you clear. It is one of the sectors which knows to pay. Many people inspite of having degress in various fields work here for the pay they get. Try your luck too.


1. Astrology.


This is indeed the best way to earn money. Humans are scared beings . We tend to loose our cool very easily. Be it personal life or business we tend to worry about its future so much that we lose hold over the present. Astrologists take advantage of this fear. They will build up the fear and scare you in every way to make you believe that you are in danger. An then suggest you ways to overcome them. This usually involves shedding a lot of money. The world is full of fraud astrologers who make money out of foolong people. And the fact is that there is no end to this business.

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