Top 10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl

Girl’s biggest dream is her perfect proposal. It can be marriage proposal or relationship proposal. You can make your proposal as the best and the most romantic date with your loved ones. Whenever you think of such a memorable day you might go nervous but planning such a beautiful and romantic requires lot of efforts. Be yourself and speak only those thing to your loved ones which you can fulfill and do for her. accept a unique way for proposing a girl and the way of proposal should be according to girl’s temperament and nature. You might get a rejection or a yes that all depend on your true feelings and a best way for proposal of girl.

Here is the list of top 10 ways to propose a girl :

10. Perfect Picnic 

Plan a perfect plan for a picnic. A nice and beautiful scene, Green hills and valleys and your loved one lying on your chest. This romantic moment can be made more beautiful chocolates covered with strawberry, bucket of a chilling  champagne. You can stick ring with the choclate wrapper and cover it with strawberry for proposing your girlfriend for marriage. You can make this picnic even more beautiful by singing a romantic song for your loved ones.

9. Surprise Dinner

Take your loved one out for a surprise dinner. Pre-book a table for both of you surrounded with a beautiful place like sea facing. Take her to her favorite restaurant, order her favorite food and hire a musician playing her favorite song. Put the ring in drink or in dessert and when she saw it bend down to your knee and propose her. Plan the surprise dinner on a holiday when she will be having enough time or on a special day.

8. Special Day

Propose to your loved one on a special day like when you talk with her for the first time, when you see her for the first time, on her birthday and if you are proposing your girlfriend for marriage then choose the anniversary day of your friendship or the day when you went for your first date. Choose a special spot like her favorite holiday spot , or nay beach or mid night party.

7. Classroom Proposal

If you are a student then you can propose to your loved loved ones in a classroom when there is break or the professor is not in room. You can just simply write your feeling on your paper along with a rose. You can also take her to canteen and bend down the knee and propose her. Make sure that there is no one in canteen so that both of you doe’t face any embracement in  case of rejection.

6. Cloud Nine

If you belong to a rich family then the best way of proposing a girl is booking a jet or a plane nad taking her to an island and proposing her. You can also take to her in high sky and propose her with roses showering on her. For making your proposal more beautiful you can also add the effect of fireworks. Contact a firework company and ask them to display a firework with a love message.

6. Banner Proposal

If you can’t express your feeling or you are afraid of rejection then you can use banner for proposing a girl. Make a banner expressing your feeling, love quotes and place it in front of her office cabin or in front of his house. You can also make a flying banner and can give surprise to your loved one by flying it over her head and making it the most excited and memorable moment of your life. Try this way only when you are sure that she is not going to reject your proposal.

5. Radio Proposal

It is one of the best and the cheapest way of proposing a girl is by using radio. You just need to register or call to local radio station where she commonly tune to. You can dedicated a romantic song, say few romantic wording telling her how much you love her. This method is loved by girls and makes them feel very special by proposing them in front of whole world.

4. Top Proposal

If you know her and both of you are very gud friends then gift her a top of her favorite color. Write your feelings and beautiful quotes on the top. This is best way to propose when you want to hide your love from the World. You can also paste a photo of both of you on the top and make it a token of your love.

3. Give A Pet

You can propose a girl by giving her a pet like a pet or cat and attaching ring to its collar. Girls loves pets and also loves such a way of proposal. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to select a perfect breed of pet that don’t cause allergy.

2. Romantic Rose Petal

you can also give a romantic rose petal and propose to girl. This is the oldest method used by all guys and is mostly loved by girls. You can also give a bouquet of rose along with dark choclates.

1. Simplicity

Just be yourself, simplicity is the best way  to express your feeling. Whatever you feel about her just  tell her, how much happy you are with her and why did you want to spend her life with her. This will be the best ways to have a perfect relation.


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