10 Reasons why Both Failure and Success are Important

In life we do not only need success but we need failure too. Our success depends on how we see failure, either as an opportunity or as a hurdle will shape our life. To be successful and to be more confident a person has to go through both success and to failure. Here we have some points that will let you think differently towards failure.

10) Success is important too

success is important

Success is also very important in a person’s life. It lets you expand your comfort zone. When you get something big you thrive to get something bigger. You just don’t have to think big and plan it out to achieve something big you have to act big. Success lets you push through your comfort zone and helps to discover the whole new you. It helps to recognize your potential and at the same time it helps to increase your potential. With every new step towards success not only your confidence increase but your capability to do things in a better way increases. Success makes you more confident, more resourceful and more capable.

9) Failure helps in increases the planning capability

Mistakes, Behind You Green Road Sign Against Dramatic Sky, Clouds and Sunburst.

Failure helps you to do things in a different way. When you fail you recognize the mistake in your method of implementing your goal. And the next time you will try getting your goal you will act more smartly with a better plan to get the thing you need.

8) Failure lets you discover your weakness

improves weakness

If you are among the people who cant understand their faults and recognize their weakness by themselves failure is the best tool that can help you realize your weak areas. If things become impossible to be justified and you have that false confidence in yourself failure can help you recognize the false part in your confidence and helps you to eliminate it. An early success always puts a cover over someone’s potential.


7. Failure helps to build character

helps to build character

It totally depends on us how we look at failure either you can lose the hope of winning or we can build up more confidence, more hope and build up a better character. Failure has always been motivating people from a long time to do better things and to discover new things. Success may come in small bundles and you will enjoy this success rather than waiting for a long time for something big to happen. Success can come only to those people who are ready to get it. To get something the most important thing you require is determination. The more you fail the more you become determinant to get towards your goal. Failure is the best thing to build your character as compared to any other method.

6. Success Lies in Seeing Failure as a Tool

failure is a tool to success

If a person really wants to succeed he/ she must see failure as a tool to success. When you experience failure you find everything sinking around you and diminishing around you. But here is the points where you must instead of letting things go ask yourself what was the reason behind your failure and how you can get through it the next time. Make a list of some simple questions like what was the reason behind the failure? How can you use it to change your failure into success and many more simple questions. Answer these simple questions and no one can come into your way towards success if you get the answer of these very simple questions.


5. Failure is trying

failure is trying

It is rightly said if you don’t try you will never fail. Failure is directly proportional to trying. The more easily you can come over with your failure the more your chances of becoming successful increase. If you want to know the graph of your failure just count the number of attempts you have made and the number of setbacks you have had. The more you have tried at something the more successful you can become at that particular thing. If you have not yet tasted failure than this is very much sure you aren’t trying very hard. Failure is like the hammer of a blacksmith that mends and sharpens the tool of success. If you want to be a perfectionist at something you really need to fail at that thing for few times.


4. Chances of success increase more


The more you fail more you try to understand your mistake and the more your chances of winning increases the next time. So with every failure you put a step ahead towards your success. Choose the Go for No concept. The more people will deny helping you the more you hear a no the more it will increase your confidence to prove them wrong. And obviously yiu will try harder and harder and this will surely bring you success.


3. Failure makes you stronger

failure increases confidence

If a person keeps failing again and again he sometimes looses hope. But if you keep trying unless you succeed you will become more familiar with the failure. You will understand that if you fail at something your world will not end there. It helps you to become stronger and helps you to face the challenges of life with more self confidence. Failures are the stepping stone to success. You will feel good about it that even if you have failed in something you at least dared to try it. It will help you build more confidence in yourself and it will let you try more things.


2. You become more experienced.


When we talk about learning a lesson from mistakes everyone wishes to learn a lesson from someone else’s mistakes as well as from their failures. This is not easy to achieve always. What a person can learn from his or her experience he/she can never learn from other people’s experience. Failure gives you a experience of the wrong things you have done and it also teaches you how to improve upon them the next time.

1. Failure gives you a learning experience:

learn through failure

People see failure as a nightmare and they think it something very horrifying. Instead of thinking like this if people see failure with a positive aspect they will find it more as a learning experience. Instead of crying over the failures you have experienced in your life if you ask yourself every time you faces a failure what you can learn this time from your failure and how can you improve upon your mistake the next time, it will help you learn a lot from your failure. You will surely learn at least one new lesson from every failure you get in your life. When a person fails his/ her mind tries to detect the cause of failure which makes him/ her more focussed and increases the capability of doing better with every subsequent failure.

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