10 Reasons that Show you are in Love

Love is one among the great feeling on the earth that people get to experience. The feeling is inevitable. Many times it happens that the person is already in love but he is unaware of it. He fails to recognise his love and affection for someone. This is because they don’t know what love is and from what it gets starts. So here we have the top 10 symptoms which can tell take you out from your dilemma about love.

10. You forget your ex

The first sign of a person being in love is that he tends to forget his past. He feels so compatible with a person he is dating that he doesn’t even remember the mishaps that had happened in his past relationships. Many times the past relationship becomes hard to forget. After your breakup if you tend to meet someone who lets you forget your past and rejuvenates your life again then there is a possibility that you are in love with that person. You will find it a bit strange but this is very true. If you get to fall in love with someone then for sure your ex would not even cross your mind.

 9. You can’t stop thinking about her

This is another fact which explains that you are in love. If your mind is always frenzied with the thoughts of someone, like if you are unable to think or do anything all around day. And every time you start something to do but you find it difficult to complete it since your mind is preoccupied with the specific person’s thought. You not just think about her, you even wonder what she would be thinking. The thought of the person seems to be inevitable. No matter, with whom you are with. She just pops up in your mind. Even while shopping if you get to look at love things and deliberately related everything to her.

 8. You care about her

Every time it happens that you get to here to person’s name and whole of your attention is grabbed by the name. This is because you want to know each and every thing about the chick. The reason behind knowing everything about the chick is that you really care for her. If you are in love with someone then you will feel bad if the person had suffered a mishap. You will always try to get yourself in the matters so as to help her. This curiosity and care is your love towards the person. It happens because the person really matters in your life.

7. You find her quirks charming

Every time you look at her you always find her very charming. Whether or not she is dressed properly or is looking really beautiful, you will always find her charming. Your eyes will remain glued to her. No matter whatever she is doing, you will catch each glance of her. Observing her will give you an immense happiness. The flaws are automatically ignored and the person just becomes perfect for you. You love the way she is and always want her to be like that only. She is over you and you can do anything to make her happy

6. You have great chemistry

It’s very important for someone to have a great chemistry with your partner. If you and your partner are on the same audacity and wavelength then it’s really very easy for you both to fall in love with each other. If you can set-off her to be in a romantic mood from a drastic mood then one can say that you along with her form a great chemistry.

5. You don’t notice other women as much

everyone notice beautiful women and praise them when the crosses by you. But if you are in love with someone, you won’t even get to notice others and praising them is out of the question then. You just find every other girl pale and faded in comparison to your girl. You just love the she look and according to you no one can compete her in that case. You will find small changes in yourself like you never get to notice any other women. You won’t find yourself flirting with other even. She becomes the perfect one for you.

4. You love spending time with her

this is another very usual trait for the people who are in love. You never get bored after spending any amount of time with her. In fact you praise for more time. You search for excuses through you can have some time with her. Even when you don’t get time to spend with her you really miss her. If she is not with you, then you are preoccupied with her thought. She doesn’t cross your mind; in fact she is always in your mind. Your time doesn’t seem to pass away without her and you always get to recall the time again and again when she was with you.

3. You feel comfortable with small compromises

You get to compromise with yourself so as to make her happy. You alter your plans if you are getting a chance to spend time with her. You ignore hangout with your best friends with whom you loved to have hangouts. You mould yourself according to her. At this point of time you do whatever she want you to do. You feel yourself quite comfortable with such kind of small compromises. These kinds of compromises are no more a big deal for you. You tend to do anything which makes her happy without being thinking about yourself.

2. Priorities change

You were quite workaholic and used to do your work dedicatedly. You never planned to bunk your work for unnecessary reason. But now when you have met her, you find it quite simple to bunk your work for her. If she is free for dinner then you tend to postpone your work and take her out with you. You keep her above everything. Your priorities have change from everything to her. Your work is also not a priority for you any anymore. You are in love if the person becomes so important for you that you tend to change your priorities.


1. Future planning

This is the most usual tendency is that if you are in love with someone then you will surely place her in your future plans. She will always be there in your future dreams. You start planning your future with her. In your dreams you find her to be your wedded wife with a happy life. You get to plan all the future deeds, from wedding to having children. Even if your future in quite far away, you start enjoying the glace of your future with your dreams and future plan. This trait is one among the most important traits which proves that you are unconditionally and irrevocably in love with someone. The trait in not very unusual in fact it is quite common.


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