10 Important things Money Can Not Buy

“I have everything today…

Every Comfort…

Every Luxury…

But when I turn back and look… I lost myself!!”

 Human ethics, morals and values have been changing considerably in the recent past; some for good while many for bad. So let us discuss today what is more important than that bad devil money. Go ahead and read some soul tickling facts. Happy reading!!

10. Good Health:

Amir Khan in one of his interview said “To stay fit and healthy, I eat a proper diet, rest well and exercise”.  While money can give you good food and equipment’s to exercise but what about resting? It is so essential to have good sleep and rest included in your daily activity. Money may help you buy medicines but not good health; in fact every medicine encloses a side effect inside itself.  But we all generally ignore that; we readily agree to work extra hours for money but not for ourselves. This small negligence becomes big problem to our body and in some time starts showing adverse effects. Sometime we even end up spending all the hard earned wealth into health treatments. Is that justified?

9. Peace of Mind:

Strangely, even after winning over the entire world and having your pockets full, money can never give you peace of mind. Some or the other worry or tension continues to lure you always. Tension to safeguard your hard earned income, Tension to increase your current bank balance or tensions in some other form. Where ever money goes tension follows. This affects the stability of our mind and its inner peace. Worsening the condition are common people like you and me who turn deaf ears towards their appealing mind.

8. Respect:

Money can never bring you respect, you will have to earn it with your good deeds and hard work. You may still find many around you who flatter you, but the scenario changes behind your back instantly.  Greed, jealousy and desire may disable your inner soul but consciousness will not. Life is not centric on money, but has many more dimensions. Donation, helping people in need, serving humanity or to simply say utilizing money for the good of mankind will always reward you back and give you gifts that money cannot buy.

7. Happiness:

Many of us may think we earn money to stay happy and enjoy all good things of life, sorry but I disagree. Money has never been stable for anyone thus; happiness derived from it also will not be stable. True happiness lies in small things and small sweet moments of life that are priceless. You may have money to din in one of the posh restaurants of the town but enjoying that meal is only possible when you have someone close to you sharing that meal with you. Isn’t it?

6. True Friends: 

“The ladder of success leaves you alone as you go higher and higher”… Money can give you many companions roaming around you 24 X 7, listening to your orders and commands but these companions can never become friends. You minus the money is equal to you without anyone with you. It is so important to have friends, to support you through your thick and thin and be that helping hand in times of need. Can money buy that? Well I don’t think so, true friends are priceless! Right?

5. Culture & Moral Values:

Morals and ethics have always been the topic of debate for many of us. With this growing urge for money, many of us have started forgetting our morals & culture. How many remember what is written in our holy books? How many of us follow it? Increasing crime rates find their roots in these loosing moral values. Every day we read in the newspapers how people are brutally crossing the line between animal and human for money or should I say for greed. Whatever it maybe, money can never make you a good human being. It can never make you someone generations to come will look upon.

4. Enjoying Nature:

Inside your office cabin you are busy minting money, can you see the sun rise or sunset?

Inside your air conditioned car you are reading share market news, Can you hear the rain drops?

Inside your house you are preparing for your next presentation; can you see the twinkling stars and the bright moon light?

On weekends you have urgent unavoidable work to finish; can you enjoy a sunny afternoon or a cool breeze flowing outside?

Your priority list has work on top, Can you see anything else?


3. Sweet Home:


To shape a good house with lavish interiors we need lot of cash but what about constructing a home?

 A home where families and not bricks dwell,

A home where smiles and not expensive paints spread the color,  

A home where love and affection and not room heaters causes warmth,

A home which is more than 4 walls and a ceiling  Can money buy that? Think again.

2. Beauty:

Well you spend half or more than half of your salary on buying those expensive cosmetic products to look beautiful but I suggest you think once again “Are these products making you look beautiful or hiding your flaws?” Many will agree with me that inner beauty and charm can never be purchased. Money may buy you finery but not beauty. Have you ever noticed how much these beauty products and treatments effect your skin and its quality? Next time you buy one think twice!

1. True Love:

As they say… “You can buy anything on this world but not a person to love you”. Money can you give you many things but a person to share that, well that money can’t get for you. The generation today thinks about keeping relation with people who are rich so that their requirements are fulfilled. It can be taken as a true demonstration of bad relationships. Some of us even think we can impress our opposite sex by giving them expensive gifts & lavish lifestyle. Trust me relation built on money never lasts long.

I will now end my article with a request for you to think “Is it correct to give up everything for money?”, can’t we balance our lives? Live with satisfaction fulfilling our requirements and giving desires and wants a back seat? Life is short live it before it leaves you. 

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