Top 10 Hindu Lords that you Must Worship

Faith makes you to believe and God, one which is invincible, immortal and never ending. No one can actaully define them, but to each and every prayer we do, he is worshipped in many forms. Lets talk of the  Hindu Gods, of which no one can exactly tell you the count. But yes, to the maximum, one can surely worship anyone as per his accordance. Every god in Hinduism, have its own significance and place.

10.) Maa Saraswati

The Goddess of Knowledge and wisdom. It is her blessings that we do have mind and brain to think about. It is said about her that she is the daughter of Shiva and Durga. Vedas evolved from her only. She is the mother of learning,wisdom and consciousness as well.

9.) Kali

The Dark Goddess, a frigthening form of Maa Durga. It is in myth that once while fighting the evil forces, Maa Kali was born from the brow of Durga and she got so intensified that nobody could stop her. In order to make her stop destroying the Mother Earth, Shiva came beneath her and once her foot stepped on to him, she got stopped. She is the most ferocious goddess in Hinduism. She killed ” rakhtbeez” , a devil who was said to be born with another one like himself with the every drop of blood dropped on the Earth.

8.) Maa Durga

Known by many names and worshiped in many forms, she is the purest and pious form of Energy of Shiva. She is the another half of form ” Ardhnarishwar”. Navratri is the famous 9 days festival celebrated with a great devotion in India, which symbolizes her home coming and at the end of last day ,her departure. She took the ultimate energy form to kill the evil king “Mahisasur”,( A devil who was said to be born from a Mahisi). After killing mahisasur, she was called as Mahisasur-mardini.

7.) Lakshmi

The wife of Lord Vishnu and the goddess of money, prosperity, luck. The name has been given from the Sanskrit word ” lakshya” meaning an aim. The lady of prosperity, often portrayed as full of valuable materials. she is always shown sitting on the lotus leaves, with a small lotus in her hand while the other hand pouring out valuable items, signifying purity, beauty and fertility.

6.) Vishnu

One of the member of Hindu Trinity often known as “Tridev”. He is supposed to take birth in every era and yug. It has already been mentioned in our grantha that he will take 10 incarnations, of which 1.) meen (fish), 2.) Kashchap (tortoise), 3.) varah (Boar), 4.) Narsimha (Human-lion), 5.) Baman, 6.) Parshuram (Brahmin), 7.) Purushottam Ram, 8.) Krishna, 9.) Buddha, 10.) Kalki ( The warrior).

5.) Hanuman

Supposed to be the incarnation of Shiva and thus often known as Rudra-awatar. Known by many names such as mahavir, maruti, bajrangbali, pawanputra. He is regarded to be the Son of Vayu (Air), and Maa Anjana. He is the mighty ape of Hinduism. He along with sugreev (the ape-king) supported and helped Rama to defeat Ravana, the king of lanka (now Sri-Lanka) and get back Maa Seeta. He is worshiped as the God of Strength, wisdom, knowledge. He is the only god said to have the power of all existing gods. He can never be defeated and never dying. It is a trend of chanting ” Hanuman chalisha” a song dedicated to Hanumanji, in time of trouble. He is the most popular god in public.

4.) Rama

The savior, The Bestman (Purushottam), The Warrior Prince. He is given many names. He was the destroyer of Ravana, the evil king of Lanka. He is shown righteous human, ideal son, husband and the best king. He set an example of the best-man in the world. The Ramayana is the story of The Rama.

3.) Krishna

He was the preacher of Gita, to Arjun. More often he is also known as makhanchor. Shown as Blue colored human, he is the ultimate creator of the universe. The most popular incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he is the one who was the saarthi (chariotier) of Arjun while fighting along with his brothers(Pandavas),Mahabharata in kurukshetra against his own brothers Kauravas. He killed kansha (his own maternal-uncle). He gave the world the feeling of spirituality and religion.

2.) Shiva

The another part of Hindu Trinity, known by many names such as Mahadev, Bholebaba, Shambhunath, Neelkanth, Jatadhari. He is supposed to be the destroyer of everything.In fact he is the most influential and most powerful god in Hindu religion. He is found in almost every part of India, in Temples in the phallic symbol known as SHIV-LING.

1.) Ganesha

The one who is said to be worshiped prior to any work to start. He is shown as a elephant headed god. He is unarguably the most famous and worshiped god in India. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. Having portrayal of success and destroyer of evil, he rides a mouse.  There is a myth related him worshiping before any work. Once, there was a challenge between Kartikeya, the elder brother of Ganesha and Ganesha. The challenge was to go around the entire universe and the one who does it fast will be the winner. Once the challenge started, Kartikeya moved on with his peacock to go around but Ganesha was smart enough and he circled  round his parents and told to everyone that my entire universe is my parents. Since then, it has been in trend that the parents are truly the true copy of gods in form of human before you.


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