Top 10 Weirdest Facts About Human Beings

The closest experience for a human being among all experience of nature is its own body characteristics. Many researchers have been done with the human body but sill many things are not revealed. It’s a host of frightening facts, bizarre surprises and eerie findings. It could be regarded as an incredible machine created by god. In this account, we will give you top ten bizarre and weird facts about human beings. The following facts are given below.

10. The Appendix

Appendix is regarded as an extinct body part and it was used millions of years ago. But it gets infected occasionally and it gives birth to appendicitis. But recent study has proved that appendix is very useful to the bacteria which help in digestion of food.

9.  The biggest molecule

Everything in this earth is made up of molecules. These molecules are made up of atoms. Now, the human body possesses the biggest molecule of the nature, it is the chromosome 1. It contains around 10bn atoms.

8. Number of atoms in the body

The smallest particle of anything in this nature is atoms. So it is just unimaginable to guess that with how many atoms a human body is made with. According to a research a human body contains almost 7 octillion atoms.

7. The lifesaving allergies

An airborne allergy like hay fever is really very much annoying and the worst allergy any one can experience. But recent study has shown that they are beneficial. Yes, according to a research it has been proved that exposure to airborne or any kind of allergies tinker the immune system. It tinkers in such a way that risk of cancer is mitigated from allergy suffer.

6. The sixth sense and more

Everyone knows that human possess 5 distinct senses. But actually they possess far more than that. The vision possessed by humans is actually a mixture for light and color senses. Human can also determine their relative position which is known as procerioception.

5. Syphilis

Syphilis is an eventually fatal and mutilating disease occurring in humans. Generally it occurs with the uncontrolled consumption of syphilis. This is a Sexually Transmitted Disease. But the weirdest part is that it could be transmitted while kissing and it is a Kissing Transmitted Disease also!

4. The energy consuming brain

It is true that physical labor consumes lots of energy, but the human is the consumer of the main portion of the energy produced by the body. The brain consumes almost 20% of the body weight but it is only 2% of the whole bodyweight!

Human Beings

Weirdest Facts About Human Beings

3. The fatty brain

Many people don’t know, but brain is the human organ which is the fattest and 60% it is comprised of fat! This is the maximum amount of fat, present in the brain of a healthy person, than any other organs present in the body.

2. Brain feels no pain

There are several receptors present in the body. Through which you will get to feel any sensation. But an amazing fact is that the brain possesses no receptors, so it is pain less and no sensation occurs there.

1. Oxygen deficiency

If your body is suffering from oxygen deficiency then it will affect your brain cells. This will lead to hallucination. You can see ghosts or your body double if your condition is really that bad!

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