Top 10 Strangest Things About Human Body

The Human body is simply marvelous consists of more fantastic actions inside. These actions should be notable and it makes to make the body cool and perfect. Here is the explanation about the strangest things,

10. Your feet are really bony

Yes human feet are really bonny consists of more bones and veins. It consists of about twenty six bones. These bones are responsible for the leg movement. While handling the leg you must be more careful about the bones. There will be totally fifty two bones in our two legs.

Top 10 Strangest Things About Human Body

9. Overeating reduces hearing

This is a true fact, in these hearing problems there are two types they are short term hearing loss and long term hearing loss. Some peoples say this age problem, but the actual reason is that overeating causes obesity and cardiovascular disease. You should note that there are thousands of tiny hair in ear to protect it.

8. Brain Power

Our human brain is one of the most powerful organs which need twenty percentage of oxygen, eighty percentage of water and ten watts of energy. These three are more responsible for a brain to be active. By the scientist research it is clearly known that our brain works more active when we sleep.

7. The Lungs are Big

The lungs occupy more parts of our body it seems to be the size of the tennis court.This shape is due to the oxygen, the lungs plays a more important role in distributing the oxygen all over the body and its responsible for all fine actions.

6. Why your eyes close when you sneeze

It’s generally known that the human sneeze is more powerful have the velocity of six hundred and fifty miles per hour. The sneeze is created by the body muscles in the face also there are so many muscles so our eyes close while we sneeze.

Top 10 Facts About Human Body

5. Your finger nails grow at different rates

Yes this is one the more strange one, in our human body the middle finger nail will grow soon at the rate of 0.0004 inches. This is also a form of protein. Nail growth differs in both hands.

4. You are really dying every day

It’s researched that in every minute three hundred cells die every day. Don’t worry about this is nothing but the human cell cycle. It’s noted that in our human body ten to fifty trillion cells are created every day.

3. Your Blood travels around the planet twice daily

Yes its true our blood travel in our body at the speed of 60,000 miles. This is noted that it’s equal to travel the earth two times daily. This is great and interesting news.

2. Men have a uterus

Yes men have uterus is found at the base of prostrate near the ejaculatory ducts. This serves well inside the body. This is of sometimes no use will be left over conception.

1. The Brain doesn’t feel pain

The brain only registers the pain but does not feel the pain. This is because of it consists of no pain receptor. This factor is also proved by the scientist many times.

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