Top 10 Steps to do Your Pedicure at Home

10. Remove Old Nail Polish


The first to start your pedicure is removing your old nail polish. Never expect it to disappear automatically after some time because a stubborn area will always tough to remove. Also, avoid leaving your old polish for a long time as it may lead to nail discoloration.

9. Soak Your Feet


The next step for your pedicure is soaking your feet. Fill some warm water in a small container and liquid soap or bubble bath. Rest your feet in that water and then relax. Soaking your feet makes it softer and easy to scrub. Soak your feet for at least ten minutes.

8. Carefully Treat the Cuticles


Take your foot out of the water and dry it. Apply some cuticle oil around the nails. Using a cuticle stick massage it and remove the dead skin by pushing it back gently. Massage the oil, around the nails to soften the rough areas on the skin. Repeat the same for the other leg.

7. Exfoliate the Skin

Woman exfoliating legs

Exfoliating is very important to soften the rough areas and calluses. It helps to make the skin smooth and healthy. Using a scrub, massage your foot in the upward direction for at least two minutes. Repeat the process for the other foot. This increases the circulation in the legs.

6. Buffing Your Feet


Buffing your feet include rubbing off the bumpy areas and making it smooth. Avoid removing the callus as it can leave your skin exposed to various other infections. Just rub it off and your skin becomes become smooth and soft.

5. Moisturize Your Feet


Moisturizing is another very important step to hydrate your skin. Use a good moisturizing cream or lotion, and apply to your legs and feet in the upward direction for at least ten minutes. Prefer heel creams containing Shea butter. You can also apply a foot mask.

4. Trim Your Nails


Trim your nails using a fine nail clipper. Clip it straight from corner to corner without cutting it very close to the edge of the skin. Clip the edges of the nails in the angle of 45 degrees. This may not give you smooth edges but will require you to go to the next step.

3. Filing the Nails


Start filing your nails from the outer edge that you clipped in the angle of 45 degrees. File from the edge towards the center of the nail. Continue in the same motion to get a nice and smooth edge. Repeat the same for the other edge of the nail.

2. Apply Nail Polish and Dry


Remove all the moisturizer and oils on all the nails with a nail remover. Choose your color and apply the nail polish in four coats namely, base coat, first coat, second coat and top coat. Use a toe separator so that you can move around.

1. Clean it up


Clean up all the materials that you used for the pedicure and put them back in place. Make sure you keep all the tools in the same place to make it easier for the next time. Replace the tools when they are worn out. After you finish, just relax and admire your feet.  

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