Top 10 Reasons Why Abortion is Done

Abortion is a very sensitive issue especially to countries that are against it and to other religions that considers this process as evil. Despite having a lot of people opposing it, there are those who are in favour of abortion because of varying reasons. Some are concerned about the mothers’ health and some are because of being too young to get pregnant. Whatever the reasons is, should abortion really be the last course to a given situation? Let’s check out the top 10 reasons why abortion is done by other women.

Top 10 Reasons Why Abortion is Done

1.       Teenage Pregnancy

We all know that teenagers once unguided could do things they will regret in the future. At this age, teens easily fall in love and some get easily carried away. Others however are curious about sex which leads them to perform sexual activities at such a young age. This is why teenage pregnancy is rampant and so is abortion. Teens are not qualified to bear a child at an early age and some would even get pregnant at 13!

2.       Life Threatening Pregnancy

A pregnant woman may need to undergo abortion to save her life. This scenario is mostly seen in movies but it happens in real life too. A woman may have no choice but to terminate her pregnancy because of underlying health condition that could threaten her health too. In cases like this, it is always a mother’s life that should be saved rather than the unborn child.

3.       Financial Issues

Other women resort to abortion because of financial reasons. Some women are financially incapable of buying the needs of her child. This is rampant in third world countries where some women would prefer having an abortion than let her child suffer from poverty.

4.       Health Issues

Some women may have not known that they have heart problems that do not allow them to bore a child. If they get pregnant, it could be very dangerous and too risky. In this situation, mothers are urge to undergo abortion to save her life.

5.       Unpreparedness

Being an unprepared mother is one of the major reasons why other women tend to have an abortion. Some are not prepared of becoming a mother; the responsibility is too much for them to take or is overwhelming. Being an unprepared mother touches all aspects namely financial, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects in life.

6.       Accidental Pregnancy

Accidental pregnancy is another reason why some women commit abortion. It was not their purpose to get pregnant but only to probably have fun for one night. Unfortunately, the guy got her pregnant which is why abortion is sought. This is common to young and liberated women.

7.       Unplanned Pregnancy

There are other couples who want to observe the right spacing of their child. When I say spacing, it basically refers to the right age interval of their kids. Unplanned pregnancy could possibly ruin their plans, their financial status, savings, and the education for their other existing kids and a lot of factors. This is where abortion comes in. Other couples sought abortion for it helps them eliminate their problem and lessen their burden, sad but true.

8.       Parents Decision

Age plays a factor too and getting pregnancy at such a young age could mean that the person may still be relying on her parents for everything. Unfortunately, there are those parents who don’t want to ruin their daughter’s future and would prefer to have her undergo an abortion to save her from such responsibility.

9.       Partner/Husband Relationship Issues

Other women are scared of facing the world alone. Some women fear of becoming a single mother and prefer to do an abortion once their partners would not support them or will leave them. Abortions are taken by those women who don’t have a partner in life.

10.     Raped

Unfortunately, there are women who were victims of rape and the only way to get their selves out of such mess is to have an abortion. Sometimes, it may be a little harsh to judge these women but being a rape victim is not an easy thing especially if they got pregnant. Abortion for them is there only remedy.


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