Top 10 Amazing Things About Girls

Girls are one of the most intriguing creations of god. It is extremely difficult to understand about a girl’s body language. One has to do enough research and you have to perform minute observation for understanding them. Here below we will discuss about ten amazing things about girls.

10. Dirty talks

Talking about dirty things is a feast for any boys. But generally girls are not into it. They do not like talking about dirty things as much as boys. They also don’t like when a guy says any perverted things. Though she will not express it but she will take that boy on her bad side.

9. Talkativeness, Gossiping

Talkativeness is a great problem with girls. They can spend the whole time with you by saying gibberish things. Gossiping is also one of the most favorite past time for girls. Talking about break ups, others boyfriends, fashion disaster girls, wardrobe malfunctions are the most common topic discussed among the girls.

8. Kissing and flattering

Girls always want to feel special. But they will not exhibit that they want that. A kiss on the hand really turns a girl. It is proved through researches that maximum girls like this gentleman’s gesture. They also like to be flattered. If you are too serious with a girl, then it can really piss her.

7. Sentiments and emotions

The main to constituent factors of an average girl is her sentiments and emotions. If the guy, whom she likes, stares deep into her eyes then sure the girl will just melt. Also if something emotional thing happens, girls never forget those incidents. They are very serious with these emotional stuffs.

6. Time to cool down

Girls are generally short tempered. If a fight occurs they will get angry very soon. Researches show, that the average time of getting angry of a girl is less than a boy. It is also found that in the matter of cooling down they take a lot of time, in comparison with guys.

5. A girl’s crush

A girl is much more reserved than a boy. They are more careful with their feelings. They don’t like to show them much. If a boy has a crush on a girl, he is very vocal with that. He loves to promulgate his love story. But a girl is shyer in this case. They hate to find any negative things about their love.

4. A girl’s mentality

If you flirt with a girl often, then they will surely think that you are in love with her. But from your side it is only friendship. But she will interpret it in other ways. So if you want to maintain only friendship with a girl then go easy on the smiles.


Amazing Things About Girls

3. Attitude after rejection

It happens often happen that a girl has a crush on you. But when you reject her she will not talk to you and it’s for sure. Now, give her time, if you think her friend, she will talk to you again.

2. Hiding under the mask

Girls love to hide their originality under a fake mask. They try to pretend what they are not in their actual life.

1. Girl’s psychology

Statistical analysis has shown that a girl cannot forget her ex. But it doesn’t mean that she does not love her present boyfriend, he is always present in her heart.


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