Top 10 Natural Ways To Keep Your Energy Levels Up At All Times

Human race runs at an unbelievable speed and sometimes, we end up overlooking the simplicity and the beauty of doing nothing. It is almost impossible for most people out there to imagine living without operating on full throttle, expending energy in order to, they justify, sustain themselves and their loved ones in a world facing scarcity (or at least, an illusion of it). There are ways in which you can re-energize your body and your mind when the back breaking and the mind numbing routines of the daily and the mundane take their toll and you feel the tiredness creeping in.

Listed below are ten of the many natural ways to prevent a burn out and stay energized through the days:

10. Take a step outside: If you have been spending too much time behind the walls of the concrete boxes we have created to keep us safe and secured, it is time to step outside and take a walk amidst nature. And nature implies any part of your town which has not been transformed into slabs of cold steel and cement and contains a spread of green. The color green does wonders for your mind, body and soul. If you come across a water body on your trip, sit back and relax for a while before continuing on your path.

Exercise Keeps Energy Levels Up

9. Laugh: ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is an overused cliche, but that does not stop it from being true to the core. There is nothing a good laugh can’t heal and it can start with a smile. So laugh a lot, at the silliest of things you come across. Let go of all the negative thoughts and worries, the anger and the pain, all the hate and frustrations which feed on your energy. Laugh at yourself too, at times. You’ll feel better, stronger and ready to take on another round of life with an open heart and an open mind.

8. Sip on water: Yes, it is really that simple. Every time you feel under the pressure and too tired to move, move a little and drink some clean water. All the minerals work wonders for your body and water, the universal solvent it is, will help to detoxify your body, giving you a surprising energy boost.

Laugh Out Loud for Better Health

7. Breakfast really well: It’s what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Eat fresh, eat healthy and eat healthy on your way out to work, or play. And don’t forget a healthy helping of fruits, juiced or whole. You will be able to carry on much farther when your cells are happy.

6. Exercise: It may seem a little bit ironic that you need to exercise in order to save or gain energy, but it is quite try. Exercise regularly and you will see that you will be able to perform much more efficiently in every sphere of your life and won’t tire out as easily. It is one of the best modes of refreshment devised.

5. Experience aromatherapy: There many naturally occurring herbs and oils which can help you to awaken your mind and rejuvenate you with the scent they carry. Mint, lavender, basil and citrus are some of the common examples.

4. Avoid ‘instant’ energy kicks: These are available in the form of candy bars, sugary drinks and the likes. The energy you feel when you intake substances of these sort are short lived and leave you more tired. Instead, munch on a fistful of nuts throughout the day to for a steady energy supply.

3. Eat small at short intervals: You will save a lot of energy and create a continuous supply if you take small amounts of food at short intervals. This way, you also learn to understand your hunger needs better and avoid getting fat.

2. Spend time with children and/or pets: There is something about children and animals which infuse so much positivity into your life that you need to experience it to really understand and appreciate it. When you do realize how good they are for you, and how you will love them, in spite of yourself, make a habit of it and you will never feel quite as down in the dumps.

1. Sleep, dream, and sleep a little more: There can be nothing as refreshing as sleep. Insomniacs know all too well the tearing pain of not having barely enough. Choose to allow yourself a good night’s sleep, allow yourself naps in between work. It is extremely essential for your mind and emotional well-being, not to mention your body, with all the repairing going on.

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