Top 10 Exciting Tips To Increase Your Brain Power

The most important part of our body is the brain. It controls every part of our body. It is very important to keep it strong and healthy. If your brain is strong it will help you in many ways. Your daily work, studies, official works and many other things can be done in a much easier manner and you can also solve lots of your problems in a blink of your eye. This all will happen if you possess a perfect brain. There are many medicines and processes to make it strong but here is top ten ways to do it.

10. Word Learning

It’s very easy to learn one word per day. You have to memorize a new word per day. It’s a very effective method. By this you will memorize almost 350 words per year. According to scientists it’s a very good way to increase your brain power.

Increase your Brian Power

9. Video games

Video games are very effective and increase the sensory sensitivity of your brain also the rapid responsiveness. By this you will able to respond more quickly. You can be more efficient to the simultaneous occurring events in your daily life.

8. Encourage Arts

Many people don’t know but it is a proved fact that your verbal skills are greatly induced by music. It also enhances your language. Your finger dexterity will also increase by playing a musical instrument. This increases the longevity of the brain.

7. Healthy weight should be maintained

You have to be physically fit in every means. It is really very important to keep your brain well. Obesity could lead you to dementia in your later life. By increased weight you can lose your ability to work.


6. Habit of walking

If you take a walk every time it benefits you in many ways. Your chances of having dementia go down by 50%. But in today’s busy schedule it’s hard to find time for a walk. But a brisk 50 minute walk will prevent your brain from many diseases and as well as aging.

5. Think and do new

You have to experience or think something new. This will stimulate your brain and obviously keep it healthy. Don’t do old things daily. Try to be creative and innovative in every aspect of your life.

4. Regular exercise

Exercise is a very important aspect in your life. It increases the function of your brain hugely. It also promotes neurogenesis in a great manner. By exercise you can have new brain cells daily.

3. Memory training

Many people wish to have a good memory. But you can have it with a regular practice. You have to memorize various things daily, like phone numbers, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers and so on. You have to train your brain in such a way that it becomes very much habituated to memorize minute details.

2. Curiosity

You have to be curious for knowing new things; by this you will start collecting new memories with the old ones. By this your brain will get new ideas and it could be very much strong like a computer.

1. Think positive

If there is too much stress and anxiety then it will kill the existing neurons. You have to be stress free and positive in every aspect of your life to keep your brain healthy.

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