Top 10 Worst Air Crashes and Disasters of all Time

History has witnessed many Aviation Accidents and many of those Air Crashes were very fatal in which many people died and were injured. Many times these accidents were due to Mechanical Error and many of them were due to Human Errors. To avoid these accidents over hundred of years Air Safety has been improved. To provide safety Landing Gears, Turbine Engines and Evacuation slides have been introduced. But even now the past accidents give Goosebumps to all and every time there is some insecurity in our mind when we travel in plains. So, here are Top 10 Worst, Dangerous and Most Fatal Air Disasters of all time :

10. Pan American World Airways 103  (1988)

On twenty first December, 1988 The Pam Am was blasted in pieces. It broke in 2 main section and crashed in Lockerbie. The explosive device was in cargo area. It was planted by terrorists. There were 243 passengers aboard and 16 crew members. All of the passengers and crew members died and even 11 citizens of Lockerbie died too. In total there were 270 fatalities.

9. Islamic Revolutions guard cops Plane crash

Both the engines of the plane failed in this crash. Ten elite officers of Iran Revolutionary guards died. There were total  275 passengers and crew members. all of them died. Poor weather conditions were also cause of this crash. Ahmed Kazemi commander of Elite Revolutionary Guards also died. It crashed into an 11500 ft. high hill.

8. Iran Air 655 (1988)

While this flight was flying over the Pursian Gulf (Iran’s Territorial seas) Cruiser- A United States guided Navy Missile blew the plane apart. all the 290 passengers were killed. According to U.S Govt. they thought that it was a Tomcat Fighter. U. S Govt. did not apologized but gave a compensation of 61.8 million. This lead to many controversies.

7. Saudi Arabia Airlines 163 (1980)

This flight took off from Riyadh International Airport,  After 7 min. the plane caught  fire. The flight attendants got a warning of that and a lot of crucial time was spent in confirming it. The captain realized he should return back at the airport  and he did so. Because of fire engine2 was shut down, and pilot declared emergency landing. The pilot continued to a taxi way. The Captain should have order emergency evacuation but he did not. As the result because of smoke all the 301 passengers died.

6. Air  India 182 (1985)

The plane was known as Kanishka. This plane was blown up by a bomb,  and crashed in Atlantic ocean. It was travelling from Montreal-London-Delhi. Total people killed were 329. Most officials blame Sikh Extremists for this crash. 268 canadians died and 24 Indians. Some people don’t blame Sikh extremists but the terrorists.

5. Turkish Airlines 981 (1974)

Turkish Airlines 981, crashed in Oise, France. The crash was the result of failed cargo hatched latching system. As the result the hatch blew in the flight. The cabin floors collapsed and the control cables got damaged taking the flight out of control and this accident killed all the people in the plane. All the346 passengers were killed.

4.  Saudi Arabia Airlines (1996)

The mid air collision occurred in1996 above New Delhi. Both of the plains were not having any Airborne Collision Avoidance System. Due to some kind of misunderstanding and confusion the pilot of IL76  they believed the flight was clear to continue down.  Both the Air crafts were at the same route. That caused the collision of the 2 planes. All the 349 passengers were killed.

3.  Japan Airlines (1985)

The Japan Air lines Crashed due to a mechanical problem. It crashed 100 km. away from Tokyo.  There were only 4 survivors and 520 deaths.  The rear bulkhead,  which resulted in explosive decompression. It damaged all 4 hydraulic systems. There was also lack of oxygen. The aircraft began to oscillated and crashed. Delayed rescue operation was also one of the main cause.

2. Pan American Airways (1977)

The Pan Am flight was called off due to  a bomb explosion there.  The KLM flight was also called off due to same reason. The crew locked the Thrust Reverser were replaced and locked of. These thrust reverser were of Engine no. 3.  The witnesses described that there was a explosion due to a missile, but no  criminal attack was detected. There were 644 total passengers and crew and 583 fatalities.

1.  American Airlines  (2001)

This plane was hijacked when it took off from Logan International Airport. 260 people in the plane died and five people on the ground were killed. It was one of the 4 planes hijacked the same day. It was crashed in the World Trade Center in between 96th and 99th floor.  The whole building collapsed after some time.

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