Top 10 Widely Used Languages in the World

How many languages can you speak? You may be able to speak one, two, or three languages but do you ever know what languages are commonly used in the whole wide world? Well speaking of the whole world, that’s going to be a whole lot of languages to discuss but this time you’re going to learn about the top 10 languages which are commonly and widely used around the world today.

10. French – 129 Million Speakers

French is also known as a romantic language, the most romantic so to speak. Countries that make use of this language include Belgium, Cameroon, Haiti, Rwanda, Canada, and of course France. Surprisingly, French is one of the most difficult to learn languages but many people (specifically students) are very passionate when it comes to learning it. Hello in French is “Bonjour”.

9. Malay-Indonesian – 159 Million Speakers

This language is a combination of Indonesian and Malaysian, thus the name Malay-Indonesian. It is widely used in Indonesia and Malaysia. Hello in this language is “Selamat pagi”.

8. Portuguese – 191 Million Speakers

This is the official language of the natives of Brazil and of course, Portugal. Aside from these countries, Angola, East Timor, Cape Verde, Sao Tome & Principe, and Mozambique commonly use this language in their everyday dealings, too. Portuguese is also a mandatory subject for students in most schools in Argentina and Uruguay. It places fourth as the world’s best learned language with thirty million learners. Hello in Portuguese is “Bom dia”.

7. Bengali – 211 Million Speakers

Bengali is a language which is closely related to Indo-Aryan, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. Bangladesh people commonly make use of it as their official tongue. People who make use of this language are commonly found in the states of India like Assam, Tripura, and Bengal. You may also hear it being spoken by many people in the US, Europe, and Saudi Arabia. Hello in Bengali is “Ei Je”.

6. Arabic – 246 Million Speakers

Arabic is considered as the official language used in 26 countries particularly in the Middle East and North African region. Arabic’s classical variant is known as the Quran and it is written in the form of Arabic script. Hello in Arabic is “Al salaam a’alaykum”.

5. Russian – 277 Million Speakers

Russian is known as a part of the East Slavic which embraces languages like Rusyn, Ukrainian, and Belarusian. This language is widely spoken in Russia and countries that also use this language include Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus. Hello in Russian is “Zdravstvuite”.


4. Spanish – 392 Million Speakers

Spanish is the official language of twenty countries in Latin America except Belize, Brazil, etc. It’s also the sixth official language of the UN. Hello in Spanish is “Ola”.

3. Hindi – 497 Million Speakers

This is the official tongue in India and it is also known as a language that sounds almost close to that of the Urdu language.“Namaste” is the Hindi the equivalent of Hello.

2.  English – 508 Million Speakers

Over 309 million English speakers are found in the US and commonly used as an official tongue in 53 countries around the world.

1. Mandarin – 1 Billion+ Speakers

This is the largest and the most widely used Chinese language and is the official tongue in China and Taiwan. “Ni hao” simply means “hello”.

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