Top 10 Volcanic Eruptions on Earth

Volcanoes are so majestic, some are big and some are small in terms of its sizes but when it comes to power, there is no doubt that most volcanoes on earth have the power to change the earth’s temperature and weather. So let’s check out the top 10 volcanic eruptions on Earth that are unforgettable and traumatic.

Top 10 Volcanic Eruptions on Earth

Tambora Eruption

Indonesia is a place consists of a lot of volcanoes and one of which is the Tambora. Back in 1815, this volcano erupted and it wasn’t just a simple eruption. In fact, this eruption was considered to be the biggest on Earth for it had the power to cancel the summer season because of its ashes that covered the ray of sun. This eruption was so huge that its ashes blocked radiations coming from the sun and as a result, the entire planet became chilly. It was reported to have killed 10,000 people living in Indonesia. The estimated deaths were about 92,000 total for the said season.

Krakatoa Eruption

This unfortunate event happened way back in 1883 and the recorded deaths were about 36, 417. Occurring at the same place, Indonesia. The strength of this eruption was comparable to atomic bombs with 13,000 forces. With such a catastrophic event, it nearly destroyed the entire island of Indonesia.

Mount Pelee Eruption

Third largest eruption was the eruption of Mt. Pelee in 1902 where 29,000 people were said to have died. This eruption was so powerful that it managed to destroy the city of St. Pierre. The island was destroyed only leaving 2 lucky people alive.

Changbaishan Eruption

This volcano can be found in China however when it erupted its materials reached Japan and created large a so called caldera. Now, this volcano is said to be inactive or dormant.

Mt. Thera Eruption

Greece is home to one of the deadliest volcano on Earth named as the Thera Volcano. This land mass was reported to have erupted with the capacity comparable to hundreds of atomic bombs. Fortunately, no deaths occurred because the incident was anticipated to happen and people in Santorini managed to evacuate ahead of time.

Ruiz Eruption

In 1985, Ruiz volcanic eruption happened and took 25,000 lives. Unfortunately, this eruption happened during night time in Columbia. Because many were asleep, the mud slide of lava killed a lot of people. This is why this volcano was named “the sleeping lion”.

Vesuvius Eruption

The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy was also unforgettable as it took 25,000 lives too. Because of the massive fumes and ashes, the city of Pompeii was said to be frozen, allowing archaeologists to have a chance to study the frozen city.

Laki Eruption

This eruption took place in Iceland. The rage of this volcano tool 9,350 lives. Though some claimed this eruption was not as big as it seems, still there were a lot of wasted lives and families who suffered from this event.

Ilonpango Eruption

This eruption was said to have taken place in El Salvador. The eruption was so strong that it was able to cover the Central and Western part of El Salvador with its deadly ashes.

Mt. Pinatubo Eruption

Who could forget this eruption in the Philippines? The Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the year 1991 and unbelievable as it seems, this eruption has an index rate of 6. Despite only taking 800 lives as compared to other eruptions, Mt. Pinatubo was able to change the temperature of the Earth of about 1 degree Fahrenheit.

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