Top 10 Unheard Facts about Akbar the Great

Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar was a his full name which was also known by Akbar-e-Azam. Akbar was more then turk then Mogul he was born in 1542  on 15th October. He had not a drop of Indian blood in his veins. His father, grandfather were represented the topmost terrorists of their eras they were famous for looting.  Jahangir writes that Akbar used to call him Shekh regardless of he being alert. Akbar had started drinking so that was the main reason he used to fall asleep while talking to guests. Akbar came to throne in 1556  after the death of his father, Humayun. Akbar was only 13 years old that time. Akbar fought his first fight which was against Sikandar Shah Suri of Punjab. Akbar was greatly troubled in the last few years of his life due to the misbehavior  of his sons with him. Specially with third one Salim who was purely against his father.

10. Akbar’s Navratnas:

There were nine persons in Akbar’s darbar who was very trustable persons. They all are nine extraordinary gems of Akbar.
1. Abul Fazel -He was a chief advisor also the author of Akbarnama.
2. Birbal- he was a noble. He was well known for his wittiness.
3. Faizi – He was the poet laureate.
4. Mian Tansen – He was converted to muslim from hindu religion ,he was asinger in akbar’s darbar. He was very skilled singer he can let the candles burst into flame with his singing.
5. Raja Todar Mal -He was a Akbar’s finance minister.
6. Raja Man Singh- He was a general in Akbar’s darbar.
7. Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana- He was a poet and a noble in Akbar’s darbar.
8. Fakir Aziao-Din
9. Mullah Do Piaza

9. Akbar and his knowledge:

You will surprise to know that Akbar could not read or write, he was dyslexic. But still he had great love with art and learning. Akbar collected beautifully written manuscripts and used to live within writers,musicians,painters and scholars like great musician Tansen and a noble man Birbal.

8. Akbar’s coinage:

Akbar abolish his own name or may not be which is arabic expression means “Akbar is God”

7. Religion:

Akbar was the founder of Din-e-Ilahi in which he combine Islam and Hinduism.He observe Muslim,Hindu and Parsee religion. Din-e-Ilahi was not a real religion because it had no holybook , no any sort of priests,no religios beliefs and culture. Din-e-ilahi was an ethical system, prohibiting sins like lust,slander, and pride . He worship all the religions.

6. Akbar’s relations

Akbar was not at all a romantic man. Because he had no love feeling for a particular woman. There was a bar set up in Akbar’s palace where courtiers used to take dancers from there and they have to take permission from Akbar if they want to take a virgin. Most of the time Akbar distribute his sex-slaves within courtiers. He sleep with countless number of women particularly when he was still young and it seems he had no real true love in his life. It is reported that he have no less than five thousand women lived in his palace. Akbar displayed remarkable respect for his Hindu subjects and their faith. he was married to Jodha Bai whose real name was Harkha Bai, who was a Rajput princess from Amber. Akbar had about 36 wives they all are belonging to different religions.

5. Tax

They used to collect Jazia tax from non-muslims for offering protection from rape,loot and murder.

4. Akbar and his son:

Akbar had three son two of them died when they were young. Jahagir, Akbar’s son was against Akbar. he would have definitely killed Akbar but he  missed the golden opportunity to kill his father which was fulfilled by his grandson Aurangzeb after some time. However some historians believe that it was Jahangir who poisoned Akbar to death.

3. Akbar vs maharana Pratap

There was no valid reason after the Akbar’s attack on Chittod. Maharana was fighting for his kingdom and went to start  uniting as many Rajputs as possible to stop giving gift their girls to foreign invaders. Akbar was a terrorist bent on conquering as much and as far as he could.

2. Akbar and fate of people he doubted

Akbar had appointed one person who is  giving poison to those people whom Akbar disliked. It is been said by Some historians that Akbar  also died of eating the poison by mistake which was used to kill people. Here is a short list who are killed is suspicious manner:
Bairam Khan
Aasaf Khan
Son of Kamran
Makhdume Mulk
Shekh Abdurnabi
Muizul Mulk
Hazi Ibrahim
Shah Mansur
some Mullahs

1. Akbar’s Style

Akbar was very courageous ,hunting was Akbar’s passion. He enjoyed hunting wild cheetahs,lions, black buck and elephants.In October of 1605, the 63-year-old emperor suffered with a serious disease of flux. After being sick for three weeks, at last he passed away after long disease. Then Akbar the great was buried in a beautiful tomb which was situated in the  Agra. Akbar proved himself to be an efficient ruler.


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