Top 10 Reasons That Caused The Civil War

The civil war in America conducted from 1861 to 1865 which has enormous significance in the history of America which was indulged in various kinds of military and political issues of that time period. Here are top 10 reasons for which this disaster took place.

10. War monger’s involvement

Most of the leaders from north who supported the slavery acts for selfish economic growth were the main reason for war progression.

9. Slavery in the territories and state rights

The fugitive slavery act was not accepted in the majority of the slaves who were fighting for their rights, saying that no act can prevent them to change their working territory.

8. States rights and the minority rights

The growing population in North was a matter of concern for the minority communities of the Southern portion. They had previously assumed that the federation acts were going to be in favor of North which was not matched their demands.

7. Free labor and pro slavery arguments

The greedy northern wanted to enforce the free labor act to make the hike in their economic growth whereas the slaves wanted a filthy improvement in their condition.

6. Tariffs

During the famous debate at Alton, Lincoln stated the nullification crisis and increasing slavery trends and makes the tariffs responsible behind that where the protagonists were busy in enforcing the nullification rules.

5. Abolition Movement

Day-by-day, northern residents were getting more and more polarized towards slavery. They started to hire slaves forcefully according to the fugitive slave act even from the non slave regions. Thus the abolition movement took place as a revolution.

4. Election of Abraham Lincoln

When Lincoln got selected as the Minister; the South Carolina protested the issue by saying the election as secession.

Civil War

3. Conflicts of slave and non slave

According to the Louisiana Purchase act, the lands that were owned at the time of expanding US, there were the older residents who were taken as slaves. The first protest came from David Wilmot but still the war mongers were not ready to accept it; resulted in immense conflict that spread to the Kansas and Nebraska.

2. State and federal rights

There were two campaigns. One was impinging for the state rights whereas the other one was arguing for federal rights. The revolution of US Government occurred under strict regulation of articles of confederation. There were conflicts among the rulers about whether they want to accept the changes or not. Some wanted to go for nullification.

1. Differences between North and South

It is not a wonder that there is a huge economic and social difference between the Northern and Southern parts of America. That time; the invention of the cotton gins; discovered by Eli Whitney, cast a huge impact on the economy of South America. North America was based on agricultural and industrial zone whereas south depended solely on cotton and other kinds of seed production.  Thus the social life of South was based on rural attitudes where the North was habituated of city life. That made a huge difference and disparity.

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