Top 10 Places where you can Find Holy Water

Water is a well known substance mainly used for drinking and cleaning purpose of human life and it is the most essential one for our survival. Holy water is used for the spiritual cleansing mostly among Christianity, Sikhism and Hinduism, Catholicism, Anglicanism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Lutheranism, Oriental Orthodoxy religions. The use of holy water as a tradition is done for the purpose to eradicate the evil power the earlier days, flowing water or river water was used for holy water, as flowing water do not get dirty in comparison to stagnant water. This holy water is more used in church, especially at the time of baptism. The water will be kept in the entrance of the church in smaller vessels called as stoups; however in recent development due to the spread of the disease influenza new holy water machines that work like a soap dispenser are popular. Commonly the water from a spring, flowing river water, river water of two or more rivers meeting at a point, lake or a sea, or water from a high priest is used as Holy Water. Some of them prepare their own holy water using the flowing river water or spring water. We have seen the use of holy water even in movies and recently in the Vampire movies to stop the vampire entering our places as vampires are evil and dead. Indian mythology also believes in the use of holy water and most temples use it in the form of ‘theertham’. Some of the places believed to be having the best holy water are,

 10. River Ganges – India

Bathing in this famous riverGanga, is believed to free you from your sins, which is considered as the outward purification as a symbolic for the inward purification. According to the Hinduism religion believes the river Ganga resides and starts the flow from the head of lord Shiva, while it rises in the westernHimalayasin the Indian state of Uttarkhand. RiverGangais the largest river of our country. It is to be believed that lord Shiva resides atMountKailasinHimalayanMountains, hence the river water is believed to be the holy water blessed by God. Though the River Ganga is believed to be the best holy water in India, people are finding it more unclean these days due to the descending of the dead bodies in an attempt for Moksha ( endless cycle of transmigration into a state of salvation)

9. River Kaveri – India

River kaveri is considered one of the most holy places in South India, while it originates in Karnataka, it flows towards Tamil Nadu, Kerala and a UnionterritoryofPuducherryand end into theBay of Bengal. This river water is a high source of hudro electric power as well as irrigation purpose. Talakaveri is the birth place of the river and the water of Kaveri is considered as one of the holy water to cleanse one’s sin by taking a bath in the river water. Some prefer to release the ashes of their dead loved ones into these rivers. There is a long dispute on this river water between the states of Karnataka and Chennai.

 8. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan – Balinese  

This is a major water temple onBali,Indonesia. The temple is located on the shores ofLakeBratanin the mountains near Bedugul. These temple water are also used for the purpose of irrigation. They worship Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. Buddha statue is also present inside the temple. The water of this temple is considered as the most sacred holy water.

 7. Lourdes Water – France

Lourdeswater is water which flows from spring in the Grotto of Massabielle. On 25 February on the instruction of The Lady of Lourdes Many drank this water and washed in it. Though this water is not considered holy water officially, people believe it to have miraculous power, as many claim that the water cured by either drinking it or by washing in it. TheLourdeswater has become the main devotion to the Virgin Mary atLourdes. In a chemical analysis done by the scientists proved that the water is pure with all the required chemicals in it.

 6. Holy well at Chartres – Paris

Though this is a 9th and 10th century old, it was believed to be one of the most powerful holy water places. In the crypt of cathedral of Chartres there was a well as old as Gallo-Roman times. This well is about 100’ deep.  It is also known as “well of Saints-Forts”. Many monks were thrown into this well in 858 attacks. The well was filled in and concealed in the 17th century before being rediscovered by Rene Merlet in 20th century.

5. Karbala and Najaf


This place was a battle place and it is one of the holiest cities for Shia Muslims afterMeccaandMedina. It is considered sacred for both Shias and Sunnni Muslims. Many dissolve the dust of this place into water and drink it as holy water as a cure for illness.

4. Chalice Well at Glastonbury

Chalice well is situated at the foot of Glastonbury Tor in the country ofSomersetinEngland. The water of this well is at a rate of 25,000 galloons and has never failed even at the time of drought.  It is to believe that the Jesus blood is mixed in the water of this well at the time of crucifixion and the sacred vessel is been thrown into this well. It has red colored water due to the Iron Oxide deposits. It is believed even today that it has healing powers. In 2001 the well became a popular Garden.

 3. Sanctuary of Demeter at Patras

A sacred fountain situated in front of the Sanctuary of Demeter at Patras is believed to have miraculous power. It is to be believed a flawless place for divining the future by using a mirror gaze indirectly into the waters.

2. River Jordan- Holland

Holy water is used in Roman Catholics mainly for exorcisms and also for Baptism. Lord Jesus was baptized by the Baptist John in riverJordan, and since Jesus was God it is to believe that the water is as pure as God washed himself in it and the water was blessed by him.

1. Island of Cyprus

Cyprusis the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and theRepublicofCyprusis the member state of the European Union. This place is a home to many oldest water wells in the world.Cyprusis the birth place of Aphrodite and Adonis and has a history with Greek mythology. These wells are as old as 9,000 to 10,500 years in the history and believed to be sacred in its water and used for healing purposes.


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