Top 10 Must Visit Places in Nepal

Nepal is small landlocked country but abundant of nature, culture and history. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world known for its highest snow covered peaks and breathe taking natural wonders with seven of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ideally favored for adventure tourism such as trekking, rafting and mountain biking, Nepal is also highly regarded for its rich culture and history. From highest peaks of the world to the highly regarded hindu temple Pashupatinath and also being home to birth place of Buddha, Nepal has it all. Though it is impossible to list all the places that are set to be eye-candy for any visitor we have narrowed down Top 10 Places to must visit while in Nepal.

10. Chitwan

Home to Chitwan National Park which is one of the finest in Asia, get a taste of wildlife with a look at rare one horned rhinos, great gharial crocs and tigers in their natural habitat from the safety of  top of an elephant. Filled with rich flora and fauna accomodated by finest tourist resorts Chitwan is a must place for any visitor.

9. Kathmandu Durbar Square

In the heart of the capital city Kathmandu, one of the renowned tourist locations filled with palaces and temples of medieval Nepal it is a showcase of art and architecture of Newari people back in the day. Also being UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is very tourist friendly with Thamel, the most renowned and dazzling touring locations very close to it. There is abundance of hotels, restaurants, bars and cafe for people all over the world offering one of the best hospitality and food in the nation.

8. Lumbini

Situated at the foothills of the great Himalayas the birthplace to Buddha, Lumbini is where the divine soul took his first breathe as Siddharth Gautam. This place holds a cultural and religious significance to buddhists and nepalese alike. Although there are mostly hindu temples in the area, the one significant is the Maya Devi Temple which enshrines the site of Buddha’s birth. It is a popular destination for those curious about the Enlightened One.


The only place offering you unimpeded view of 400 km of Himalayan panorama, Daman is just 80 km southeast of the capital Kathmandu city situated at 2.400 m above sea level. Apart from sight-seeing you can go hiking, cycling or rock climbing while you’re at it. The accomodation might not be luxurious but sure is comfortable and pleasant. Great sunshine and astonishing view is the promise of this place.

6. Langtang

Protected as Langtang National Park it resides north of Kathmandu bordering Tibet with number of high Himalayan peaks and famous lake Gosainkunda. Primarily favored for trekking routes and white water rafting, Langtang has mixed clamatic zones from subtropical to alpine with plenty of  thrilling stories on Yeti sightings. With more than a dozen of high peaks in this region Langtang is a must visit of everyone.

5. Illam

Situated at an altitude of 1,677m, Antu Danda in Illam District is a masterpiece of nature. With green tea gardens till the sight ot horizon it seems as though the nature embraces the sun in its bosom as you view the sunset . With captivating scenery and divine aroma of the tea garden it commands the splendid view of Mt. Everest and Mt.Kanchenjunga. Words are barely able to depict its true presence thus a visit is inevitable.

4. Namo Buddha

Situated about 40 km southeast of Kathmandu is the most important Buddhist pilgrimage site of Nepal. Built upon what is said to be the remains of Buddha Shakyamuni’s former incarnation who willingly gave his life to feed a dying hungry tigress and her 5 cubs.  Because the region was infested with tigers, the local people wouldn’t call it by its actual name, which contains the word ‘tiger’, and so, as a way to protect themselves, they got into the habit of calling it “Namo Buddha.” The sacred spot is not marked with Stupas and engravings showing Buddha giving his body to the tigress.

3. Manang-Mustang

Situated at the altitude of 3,749 m lies paradise by the name of Mustang. Initially famous for famous pilgrimage Muktinath, Manang-Mustang is a a journey of spectacular views and breathtaking scenery as you climb up. Its lack of transportation has ironically has become another adventure of sight-seeing tourist. Undoubtbly it is one of the most beatiful places in Asia let alone Nepal. With the panoramic view of Himalayas combined with tropical scenery it is a visual dramatics for anyone.

2. Pokhara

Heart of tourism in Nepal is certainly Pokhara city. “Atithi Devo Bhava”, as an old proverb goes in Sanskrit guests are equal to god and it is certainly true in this paradise. Pokhara has everything to offer for its distant visitors from nature’s wonders to lavish hotels and resorts. With so dense population of tourists around this area native people feel like they are the outsiders. An abundance of lakes with no shortage of adventure tourism, most of the trekking starts from this city. Be it paragliding, trekking, rafting or rock climbing this is where your journey begins. For anyone who has been to Nepal, Pokhara city and its name will forever be a reason to bring smile on their faces. It is a MUST BE place for any visitors who set their foot in Nepal.

1. Solukhumbu

The most popular trekking destination in Nepal and one of the most spectacular adventure treks in the world. It is not about the destination, its about the journey and Everest Base Camp is all about embracing true nature at its best and worst as well. Make your way to the highest point on earth through rigorous terrain and unforgiving cold. Though this journey might very well be the harshest one of your lifetime, you will never regret a bit of it. The breathtaking views and almost godly Himalayas will give the experience of a dozen lifetimes. If this is not the primary reason for visiting Nepal, it will certainly be the most memorable one once you when you leave.


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