Top 10 Non Democratic Countries in World

The biggest problem of the living beings is that we always need a path, we will need someone to till us the difference between the right and the wrong, we need someone who would resolve all our disputes, someone whose responsibility it becomes to maintain peace between us; in a nutshell we always need a leader, a mentor or a guide. If you want to form a group, the first thing which you need to figure out is who will serve as the leader of the group, who will be their guide and who will serve as the leader.

The minorities have always faced problem in a nation or country but no one has had the courage to speak up and to take a stand, and when that no one becomes someone, a spark breaks out which turns into the flame and then lighten up the entire nation. The problems have always existed among the minority but that flame was never ignited because no one had the gallantry to lighten up the entire nations. The thing is that there is always a way to shine even in the darkest hours of night only if someone remembers to switch one the lamp.

Earlier there were kings or emperors who served as the leaders of the nation but today there are groups of people who run the state; they are known as the government. There are five main kinds of government. First is the monarchy; in this kind of government the whole power belongs to the king or queen. Second is the dictatorship; in this form the entire power belongs to a person or a group of people. Third is the aristocracy; this is form in which the state is run by the wealthy people and the power belongs to them. The fourth one is the republic in which the people themselves select their leader or representative, who would fulfill their needs and demands. The fifth and the best form of government is the democratic form of government; the best known definition of a democratic government is “the government of the people, from the people and for the people”.

Today in this modern world; when human rights are given such vital importance, there are many countries which do not enjoy the democratic form of government. Among those pernicious and non democratic countries the top 10 are:

10. LIBYA:

There is no permanent bases government in Libya as the country has been going under the mercy of translational government. It is also said that the country runs under the military dictatorship, some say that Libya is an authoritarian state and it is run under the impact of the wealthy people; it doesn’t matter because what matters is that Libya does not enjoys democracy . Libya liberated itself from Italy in December 1951. There are many political parties in Libya but none of them has been able to form a stable and permanent government yet.


9. IRAQ:

Earlier the form of government exercised by the state of Iraq was the dictatorship form of government; the dictator was Saddam Hussein, who was hanged to death few years ago. Iraq has also been through the deadly nightmare which is known as War. After that Iraq has had no governmental system and has been living on bits and pieces; Also that some kind of civil war has been going on in the state. These days plan are in process to introduce a new form of government in Iraq which would be according to the demands of the citizen and would be able to fulfill their desires.

8. CUBA:

This country is a Communist State; it is the form in which all the power belongs to only one group or the wealthy people of the state. They control the income and economical growth of the country. They can make the decisions which will solely benefit them, not the estate. The human rights violation is very common in Cuba; human are nothing but the slaves of the Aristocrats.


Before the World War 2 was started, North Korea was a member of the Japan territory. As the war ended, many other things ended along with it and one of them was the alliance between North Korea and Japan. North Korea was separated from Japan approximately in the year 1945 under the leadership of Kim Il Sung. Sung started his own party with the support of some other workers; the party is known as KWP (Korean worker’s party). Since the independence of North Korea, the power has been in the hands of KWP and Sung family as the positions in the party has kept passing along in the family till now.



The form of government in Jordan is monarchy as the whole power is exercised by the King. There is a whole legislative or cabinet which works under the king, the king also serves as the Army chief. Although the form of government is technically monarchy but the citizens of Jordan enjoy the liberty.


Saudi Arabia is one of the rich countries of the world. The system of the government in this state is the Monarchy form of government as the entire power belongs to the King (who has hold on country’s military forces as well). The king has appointed 13 governors for the 13 provinces of the country, but head of the state is the king who governs all the thirteen governors. There is entire cabinet beneath the king to help him and advise him regarding the social and economical issues of the country; the king himself also appoints his second in command, who is known as the Crown Prince; the crown prince is next in line to the throne.



For outsiders the form of government in Turkmenistan is said to the Democratic and presidential form of government but from inside it is mainly authoritarianism; the entire power belongs to the presidential administration. The government is also said to be Republic but the leaders or the representatives barely represent the people, they care for their own benefits.


The form of government in Syria is recorded to be Republic; the government is run by the people themselves. But this is only recorded government, actually the form of government in Syria is said to be of dictatorship; States’ legislative branch is ruled by the People’s Council, which is concede as a dictatorship by the outsiders.


The form of government in Afghanistan is the translational one currently; as the country has been in the state of wars for so many years and under such situation it is not possible to maintain a stable government. The type of government in Afghanistan is technically Islamic republic which means that the government is run by the people themselves under the influence and guidance of Islamic laws.


China has the communist form of government as the entire political, military, social and economical power belongs to the Chinese communist party. The economy of china is blooming and the country is prospering but there is no such thing as Human rights in China; the citizens are offered no liberty or independence. No freedom of expression or thoughts is available for the Chinese citizens.

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