Top 10 Must Read Holy Religious Books in the World

Holy/Religious books are the base of our religion and customs. These books were written by the god and were considered the books that explains the truth of the life. Many incidents, quotes and description are described that explains about the history of Hindus, christian, Islamic and many more religions. These holy books are found all over the world and is worshiped. But with the changing conditions the respect and faith on these holy books had changed. Nowadays people worshiped people just for time rather than from heart. But we should remember our past and teaching of our gurus which are written in these holy books. We all should read them.

Here is the list of top 10 must read holy/religious books in the world :

10. Koran

It is the holy book of Islam. It consists of 114 suras or chapters which shows the impassioned appeals for belief in god. It consists of lessons and teaching that shows moral life, ethics governing the social and religious life of Muslims. This holy book contains the holy and most pure word god and meaning of it. It was written during Muhammad’s lifetime but it was texted and was not produced until A.D. 650. It is considered as the finest peace of literature in Arabic language. After the Muhammad’s death all the lessons of suras were complied into a single book by order of caliph Abu Bakr.

9. New Testament

New testament is the second major division of the Christian Bible. It consists of 72 books that form the basis of the christian belief. It include the saying of Jesus, his life and his work, the lifetime story of the Jesus, death of Jesus and its resurrection of Jesus now celebrated as Easter. It also consist of instruction for nonbeliever for converting their religion and performing rituals, blessing and baptisms. It aims at spreading Christianity all over the world and also serve as a source for christian theology. It is believed that it was written in A.d 100, after 70 to 90 years after the death of Jesus.

8. Old Testament

It is the first major division of bible and scared scripture of Judaism. It is made up of 3 parts , the first part was law which was also known as Torah or Pentateuch and the first five books named as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. These books describe the origin of the world, the relation that we carry in this world and the various rules and regulations that govern the religious beliefs and thoughts. It consist of two prophets : the latter prophets and the former prophets. It describes the history and story of kings, heroes, judges and wars.

7. Talmud

It is religious book of Judaism and is considered second after Torah. It referred to as’ shas’ that defines the oral law of Judaism.  it consists of tow parts :the first part is Mishnah, the first written description of oral law of judaism and the second part is Gemara which is also known as Talmud. It consists of  63 tractates and has the standard print is over 6200 pages long.

6. Tao-te-ching

Tao-te-ching is the religious text of china and the religion is known as Taoism. It was written around 6th century B.C and its English translation was done around 19th century.It is widely spread to east Asia and and is among the most translated wok in the history of world literature. When it was first spread it was it was interpreted through the use of Daoist words and concept. It consist of 81 chapters and poems and describe the way of life and the freedom for desire.

5. Five Classics

The four books and five classics were written before 300 BC and is considered as the most religious book in the history of china. it explains the core value and belief systems in Confucianism. It explains the art of living and the condition of kings, heroes and the wars that occurred at that time. Originally it was a chapter of classic of rites and describe the importance of god. the importance was shown and was described by the Zeng Zi’s.

4. Upanishads

It is the basic form of religion Hindu and is the final part of Vedas. There are 112 Upanishads that describe the relationship of the pure soul or Brahman with the atman. It also show the importance of the vedic sacrifice and yoga. It came from various source and was written around 19 th century. It is also known as Vedanta and explain the importance of Vedas in the life of humans. All the Upanishads were written in oral tradition. It was composed from the pre-period of Buddhist and some of Upanishads were composed in the medieval period and early modern period.

3. Veda

Veda is the most scared book for Hindus. It consist of the collection of prayers and hymns and described the real meaning of the god. The explains the relationship between the external body and the internal atman. There are mainly four kinds of vedas that are written in the hindu history mainly the Rig-veda, Sama-veda, Yajur-veda, Atharva-Veda. The Veda were written between c. 100 B.C and 500 c. B.C. It is one of the oldest writing in the history religious writing.

2. Tripitakas

Tripitakas consist of the basket of Buddhist  teaching. It mainly consist of chapters as mahayana sutras and sutta pitaka, vinaya and Abhidharma. It explains the relation between the external soul and the internal soul. It is mainly carried and followed in China.

1. Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is the most scared book in the Hindu Religion. It describes the dialogue between the Lord Krishna and prince Arjuna. It explains the unity of the god can be achieved through karma, bhakti and knowledge. It was written in between 200 B.C. and A.D. 200. It explains that who will you do, will come back to you. Always do good deeds and help others to lead a happy and prosperous life.


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