Top 10 Most Sacred Places of India

India is a land of Temples and Gurudwara. You will find Hindu temple on nearly every street,Churches,Mosques, Buddhist monasteries dotted in and around most cities. Over 70% of India population practices  Hinduism and other religion are Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam.

Harmandir Sahib,known as golden temple is located in Amritsar.

Gujrat has many Jain as well as Hindu temples like Neminath temple,Somnath Temple,Akshardhan temple.

In Maharashtra,the popular pilgrimage sites are like Shirdi,Hazi Ali Tomb.

West Bengal has many holy places like Katra Mosque,Adinath Temple,Hari Krishna Mandir.

Here is the List of Top 10 Most Sacred Places of India:


Haridwar is the most sacred holy place in India and is particularly known for the flow of the holy Ganga river. It is considered as the gateway of Lord Vishnu/Lord Shiva/Mother goddess/Ganga Goddess . Devotess from all over the world come here to drove away all the sins they have committed. Around 5 lakh people come to Haridwar every year.Haridwar is also the venue for the spiritual fair like Kumbh Mela. Haridwar has a very green surrounding,long trees and forests and have a moderate temperature t throughout the year.


This holy place is Located in picturesque hill backdrop of  Kedarnath mountain ranges in Uttarakand. It is the most popular destination for Hindu pilgrimage and is also refer to ad Chota Char Dham Yatra. Kedarnath is also an another name of Lord Shiva who is consider as the God of Destroyer. The Temple opens on Akshaya Tritiya and closes on Bhai Duj. The Shrine is one of the twelve jyotilingas of Lord Shiva found across the Holy places in India.


Amarnath is one of the important holy place for Hindus located in Jammu and Kashmir. The Amarnath Cave is situated at the altitude of 3,888 km. The is covered with the snow except for some months in summer when it is open to the devotees. According to Hindu Legend,Lord Shiva explains the secret of life and eternity to Lord Paravati in this cave. The Temple is popularly known for its yatra “AMARNATH YATRA” or “pratham pujan”.


Mata Vaishno Devi Temple is located at the height of 5,300 fts from the ground. This Temple is the highest footfall of the devotees  all over the year. The Shrine is situated near  the town called Katra at the distance of 6 kms from Jammu and Kashmir. The Shrine of  Mata Vaishno Devi Temple is maintain by the Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board. There is a rail link from Udhampur to Katra to facilitate Devotees. The nearest airport is the Jammu Airport where all domestic Airlines has services.


Harmandir Sahib also known as Golden Temple is the most sacred place for Sikh . The Gurdwara is located in Amritsar,Punjab,India. The construction of  Gurdwara began by the fourth guru Guru Ram Das ji and was completed by his successor Guru Arjan Dev Ji. In August 1604 ,Guru Arjan Dev Ji completed the holpy scriplutre of Sikhism known as Adi Granth and installed it in Gurdwara. The gold plating of all the domes was done by Maharaja Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and his descendents. Shri Darbar Sahib has a unique construction consisting of  Muslin,Hindu and European design principles.


Ayodha is a holy place also known as the Ram Janam Bhumi because it is the birth place of Lord Ram. This Holy place is situated on the banks of river Saryu in Faizabad district of Uttar Pardesh. Ayodha was ruled by Raja Dashrath and his son Lord Ram. In Ancient times,Ayodha was the capital of the the Kosala Kingdom. Ayodha has an average Elevation of 305 feet. According to Ramayana the Ayodha was founded by the Manu, the Law-giver of Hindus.   Ayodha has warm humid climate,  the summers are long and Extremely hot.


Kanchipuram or Kanchi has more than thousands of temples located over there. It is situated on the north-eastern coast of  Tamilnadu. Kanchipuram is famous from all over the world due to its rich textile as “The Kanchipuram Silk”. In ancient Times it was the capital of the Pallava Kingdom. Kanchi has many Hindu Temples like Vishnu Temple ,Shiva Temple of Tamilnadu,Kamakshi Amman Temple, Kailasanathar Temple, Ekambaranatha Temple which is the “earth abode “of Lord Shiva.


Dwarakadheesh Temple situated in Dwarka , Gujarat  is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is worshipped here as Dwarkadhish, or ‘King of  DWARKA’. It is situated on the west Gujarat on the shore of Arabian Sea. The main Temple called the Jagat Mandir or  Nija Mandir is of 5-storied building which is supported by 72 pillars and is believed to be 2500 years old. Dwarka was ruled by Lord Krishna and is known as “Dwarka Nagri”.

2. Tirumala Venkateswara Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is the most followed Sacred Place in India, The deity of temple is Lord Venkateswara. On an average 50,000 to 100,000 pilgrims visit this sacred place every day which is by far the highest. There are several stories associated with the manifestation of Lord at Trimula.


Mathura also known as “Brajbhumi” is the birth place of Lord Krishna. Mathura is situated on the north-coast of the river Yamuna. According to the epics, Mathura was the capital of the Surasena Kingdom which was ruled by the Kansa. Kansa was the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna.

Bonus Place


The home of Sai Baba, there are thousands of Ardent believers of Sai Baba who visit this Place every year. Shirdi lies in Western India in Maharashtra. Sai Baba lived in Shirdi in 19th Century and was famous for his miracles and his power to cure. Shirdi isn’t really Sai Baba’s birthplace but Sai Baba lived most of his years in Shirdi.

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