Top 10 Most Powerful Hindu Gods/Lords

There are a large number of gods in India. Well Hinduism consists of a long list of gods which are worshipped whereas only 33 gods were mentioned in the Rig Veda. Well every  religion says that GOD IS ONE. Hinduism, one of the major religions of the world also says this but along with it they say that you can prefer and select a form of god in which you want to worship him. Hence they show that our single god exists in many forms. Well we all know that there is a long list of gods but everybody mostly worships only his favourite god. Hence we have brought for you the list of top 10 gods.


From the Vedic  mythology, Yama also known as Yamaraja is the God of Death. He is considered as the firstever mortal being who died and hence became the king of the dead. His only temple is located in Srivanchiyam situated in Tamil Nadu. He is also famous in other mythologies apart from the Hinduism, important ones are Tibetan, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Buddist and Sikh. He also forms part of Iranian mythology and Javanese culture.


Indra is the god of rain and thunder and is considered as one of the greatest warriors of all times. He is considered as the ruler of the heavens and thus the king of gods. He uses Vajra as his weapon and rides on his elephant Airavat. His personality is a mixture of good and the bad things as many of his stories tells about his mischiefs also. He is also famous in Jainism, Buddhism, Taoism and Bali.


In Hinduism Buddha is considered as the ninth Avatar of Lord Vishnu whereas Buddhists only consider him as a realized being. Whatsoever be the case he is one of the most famous gods of the world and had a great impact on the whole world. He was the founder of the fourth largest religion of the world Buddhism which follows his teachings. It is said that he was born in form of various Bodhisattvas before he was finally borned as Gautam Buddha.


Belonging to the Trimurti he is the Creator and thus is considered as the creator of the world. He is considered as having four heads and it is believed that he grew in lotus which was born itself from the naval of Lord Vishnu who was sleeping at the time. It is also believed that the four Vedas came from his four heads. He only have a few temples of which The Pushkar Brahma Temple is most prominent, others being located at Thirunavaya, Kumbakonam and Barmer.


He is a kind of unique god and hence easily recognisable as an elephant deity. He is the son of Shiva and parvati and he is the god of wisdom, wealth, knowledge and success and he is also the destroyer of evils and obstacles. Due to his boon from Lord Shiva that he would be worshipped first of all before any god or goddess made her the most popular god. He is one of the fastest writers and hence is known as writer of the greatest epic of the world Maha Bharata. He is also known as Vighneshvara and Vinayak and is also famous in Jainism and Buddhism along with Hinduism.


Hanuman is one of the most widely famous and worshipped god. He is a monkey deity( mighty ape) and is known for his power, courage, faithfulness and selfless service. He is considered as the greatest devotee of Lord Rama and have a large number of stories and myths related to his life. He is considered as the most powerful called as Atulit Baldhama. Sometimes he is represented as Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva. He is worshipped all over the world.


He is the eighth avatar of the Dashavataram of Lord Vishnu and he was born in the Dvarpara yuga. He is considered as embodiment of joy and love and is considered as destroyer of sin and pains. His pair with Radha is considers as a divine couple which brings love at new heights. At the time of Battle of Mahabharata he advised Arjun about the various things which can provide Moksha to a person. His teachings are compiled in Bhagavad Gita. He is also present in other religions like Jainism, Buddhism, Ismailia Muslim Faith, Baha’i Faith and Ahmadiyya Islam.


He is the seventh avatar of Vishnu born in Treta Yuga and is supreme figure of the great epic Ramayana a guide to righteousness. He married Mata Sita who herself was the incarnation of goddess Lakshmi. He fought the epic battle with the great demon King Ravana at Lanka to free her. He is worshipped for his courage, infinite compassion and great devotion to the moral values and duties. A lot of festivals are held on his name of which Diwaliand Dussehra are the main ones.


Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva shares the second and third place as neither of them is greater than the other and both are equal. He is a peace loving deity and is the preserver of the life. He have great principles of truth, righteousness and order. His 10 incarnations are considered as the greatest examples of the moral values and other things known as Dashavataram for his duty (Belonging to the Trinity) to maintain the peace on earth. He is the major god of one of the two major sects of Hinduism, i.e. Vaishnavism where he is the supreme deity. His wife is Goddess Lakshmi and he resides on Seshnaag.


Sharing the second place with Lord Vishnu he is the supreme deity of the other major sect of Hinduism, i.e. Shaivism. He is the strongest gods and is considered as god of dissolution and death, his very famous temple is situated in Somnath, India. He is the third god of the great Trinity and his job is that of Destroyer. He is also known as Neelkantha, Nataraja, Bhole Nath, Mahadeva and Pashupati. He is worshipped in the form of phallic symbol known as Shiva Lingam. He resides at Mount Kailash and have a wife Parvati and two sons Gamesha and Kartikeya. He os a cosmic dancer and is generally immersed in deep meditation.


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