Top 10 Most Important events of World History

World History: It is quite difficult to make the best of the world history events to be in the list. There are numerous events in the lap of history where, the world has been shaken, surprised and been to new heights of success and doom. As of concerned in this section, I have compiled a list of ten best and the most important events in the World History.

10.) American Revolution

Although being started with the novice and untrained troops, this is considered the 10th most important event is world history. The entire change in the America is just because of this single risen event. The course of even lasted for many years ranging it reign of almost 8 years from 1975 to 1983. The revolution had its idea from the Greece and Rome and with the new leadership of Christian Bible, they put their utmost strength in it against the authority, which was unbending. This was the first revolution fought for the sense of equality and it paved way for many other to come as in years.

9.) Reformation

This was the period when rational mentality of people was developed and the people started questioning about the church and its working. This was the age of reformation. With its long reign of almost more than a century, from 1517 to 1648, this is considered to be most influencing period of era in world history. The reformation resulted in to division of people in to two blocks with one as Catholics and other as Protestants. The Age of Reformation brought out the religious and pious books of writing to the reach of common man. It gave the basis of living rightly.

8.) Jesus of Nazareth

It is not about being a Christian or not, but this is the one main event or one can say this was the lime-light action of Jesus of Nazareth. This was one of the most dramatic and influencing impact of history to the world. Since Jesus was born in Israel and neither he traveled for many countries nor his ideas but after his death or when he departed from here, his ideas and belief were spread worldwide and his religious bomb can be seen in the world and can be felt in the form of Christianity.

7.) Breakdown of Berlin Wall

It was the major event in the history of world, when with this breakdown came down all those things which has made the people of Berlin blind and it was felt as if a new life was introduced to them. Germany was the most disputed area while World War -II and thus of such reasons, once the wall was broken off, the people were free to move within places which were banned bue to the ball. In reality, the Wall was made through the middle of Berlin to separate in to two parts and once when the wall was broken in 1989, it actually was the end of communist rule and a birth of a new life.

6.) World War-II

This is one of the worst incident of history. It was said to be the black years of days when the world was under the influence of World War-II. This was termed as world was because this was the battle when literally all nation of the universe were involved directly or indirectly. Adolf Hitler, the dictator and the creator of Nazism was the lead behind the event. It was his overpowering nature and ambitious attitude which came as a result in to a war. This was the most brutal and the most harassing war in the pages of history whose causalities are unknown till date. No written details are yet available for such a high loss to humanity. It lasted for more than 5 years, starting from 1939 to mid-1945. The war came to an end after Hitler attempted suicide and died.

5.) World War-I

Once stated as the Great War, this was changed to World War I after the war which took place from 1939 to 1945. This was the worst situation to the people of that time. Nobody could ever think of such a great loss of humanity as well as a loss of economy. In fact, the First World War was the reason behind the outcome of Second one in later days of 1939. This First Great War came to an end with the dissatisfaction and acted as a catalyst for the upcoming war.

4.) Gutenberg’s Printing Press

There can be no more influencing event in history of world than the invention of Printing Press in 1440 by Gutenberg. Prior to this invention, the contents were hand copied but with this invention, the copies were made faster and easily. In fact this was truly a boon for the world to have such an invention. The world saw the change clearly when everyone could have their own written copies easily. Be it the religious scriptures or the records. Everything went handy. This was really a great change to the world, experienced by all.

3.) Muhammad

The 3rd most influential and most important event in the list of history of world was the birth of Muhammad. He was the second after Jesus, irrespective of any religion, you can sense his impact. He was the founder of Islam. He collected the distracted people and made them altogether and gave them a proper education and belief to do for some specific purpose. Although, blood was shed, but the blood was not of each other but of the people who opposed the new religion. In the present world, this is the largest religions of the world. It covers the globe throughout and the change that Muhammad gave to the world, can be seen and felt. The change is still continuing in Middle East.

2.) Pax Romana

It was the only part of the world where shading blood meant peace to the people. The war and disastrous clashes were common in daily life. It was considered to be most cultured and most engineered city of the world of those era. It was reigning age of almost more than 200 years in relative peace of Roman Empire. The continued war at last allowed them to settle them in peace and this gave the foundation of the peace of the world today.

1.) Renaissance

Nothing great can be compared to the golden age of Renaissance. It was the age when nothing was ignored, nothing was pushed aside. The world saw the new beginning. The rights of equality and many ideas were originated. It gave the world a new vibrant and colorful aspect of life. This was the true awakening to the world and it was beginning of a new era.


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