Top 10 Most Dangerous Tornados

The tornado is a natural disaster. It is generally referred as cyclones or twisters. It looks like a violently rotating column of air, which takes away everything within it and moves in contact with the earth and the clouds. This hazard have the capacity to ruin everything as they are very powerful. So here we have the list of top 10 most dangerous tornado ever.

10. The Flint Tornado

This tornado named the flint tornado is very much different from all the tornado on the list. The Flint tornado occurred as the summer was approaching in the northern states such as Michigan. The tornado came in 1953 and ruined the life of many people. It killed almost 116 people and around 844 were injured. 

9. The New Richmond Tornado

The New Richmond Tornado was not that strong and hazardous tornado but the misfortunes made this tornado to come on this list. In the new Richmond town on 12th June, 1899, great crowd (around 1000 extra people) came from different places to see the circus. Everyone their enjoyed the circus but after the end of it tornado arrived  by creating dangerous debris in the center of the town and left no safe place to hide. Some people tried to take the refuge in the basement of O.J. Williams, a dry goods store but the tornado was at its full anger, it  flew away all the building and then attacked all the people with bricks who took underground shelter and killed around 117 people and left 200 injured.

8. The Amite Tornado

The Amite tornado was one of those tornado which scare the people by its name only. On 24th April, 1908 at around 2:30 a.m. it started popping up and at its  worst damaged mainly three places  i.e. firstly, Louisiana Community of Amite, where total 29 innocent people were killed because of the great intensity of 2 mile wide tornado. Secondly, it created havoc in Mississippi which is a town of Purvis, where total 55 deaths occur and left only few houses standing and remaining all the homes were either damaged or were destroyed. Thirdly, near McCallum where the people try to protect themselves by taking shelter in the boxcars but storm played with them by tossing them 150 feet’s above in the air. The tornado was also named Purvis tornado because of its drastic havoc created in Purvis. The tornado lower down it’s violation at 11 p.m. but the tornado left its drastic fear by taking 143 lives and leaving 770 people badly injured.

7. The Joplin Tornado

 This Joplin tornado on a vast range hit the Southwest Missouri on 22nd may, 2011. The tornado just before 6 p.m.  Directly hit the main centers  of the Missouri like St. Johns Medical Center where it created a great havoc, and lead to the death of six persons. In total the tornado turned apart the whole town including heavily inhabited neighborhoods which lead to death of 154 innocent people and 1000 persons were found badly injured.  Joplin tornado left the United States stunned by its disastrous and hilarious stroke which they last time faced in the year 1947.

6. The Woodward Tornado

This tornado named the Woodward tornado occurred on 9th April 1947. The tornado killed 181 people and around 970 were injured. This tornado is said to be the first tornado which occurred in Tornado Alley. The tornado had its impact on Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. In Oklahoma, this tornado created a history of destruction. It ruined the small towns of Texas, as Texas was the origin of this tornado. It was a huge tornado, it almost covered 2 miles as its length. After the destruction by this tornado people lead to the discovery of warning programs and watches.

5. The Gainesville Tornado

The Gainesville Tornado occurred in Georgia. This tornado of 6th April 1936, killed 203 people and at an average around 1600 people were injured. The tornado appeared like a funnel cloud. Much of the deaths due to this tornado occurred at Cooper Pants Factory. The factory collapsed and burned with fire because of the impact of this tornado. The tornado occurred in the morning, when the people arrived for work and so all the people present there died out of it. It is said that the two funnel cloud merged to form a big and more powerful storm near the Groove Street.

4. The Tupelo Tornado

The Tupelo Tornado also occurred at Mississippi in 5th April 1936. The tornado killed 216 people and around 700 were injured. This tornado damaged the undeveloped area of the town rather damaging the developed area. The undeveloped area had badly constructed houses in west and northeast sides. When official storm’s death toll was announced, the hospitals at the place were full, at that time all the places like theater etc has been converted into the hospital. They also made use of popcorn machines to sterilize surgical instruments. The rail boxcars were bought in city by the officials so as to give homes to the homeless people

3. The St. Louis Tornado

This tornado named the St. Louis Tornado occurred in 27th may 1896. Around 295 people were killed and 1000 were injured in Illinois and Missouri. These days the effect of such storms over large cities is relatively small due to their restiveness construction. Now a days they are also using tornado warning systems to resist such kind of destruction. St. Louis which was considered to be one among the largest cities of America had been greatly affected by this storm. This city has majorly faced the largest number of severe storms. Large number of death occurred on the river named Mississippi. People who lived across the river on shanty boats were drifted because of the effect of this storm. There is not any perfect data which records the number of deaths occurred but it is assumed to be around 400.

2. The Natchez Tornado

The Natchez tornado is considered to be the second most dangerous tornado all around. This tornado occurred in Mississippi and Louisiana. In 7th may 1840, this tornado had a vast effect. 317 people were killed and around 109 people were injured. It revolved around Louisiana and then crossed the Mississippi river and ruined all the plantations residing all along the delta. The storm took in many steamers and flatboats which carried a lot of goods for selling purpose.

1. The Tri-State Tornado


The Tri-State Tornado was there in 18th march 1925. It had a vast effect on Missouri, Indiana and Illinois. At an average of 695 people were killed and around 2027 were injured. This Tri-State is said to be the most dangerous   tornado in the history of United States. The Tri-State tornado had a speed of 72 meters per hour and is also said to have the longest track which is around 219 miles. Because of its size and speed people thought this to be a combination of several tornado  rather than just one. This vast tornado had a remarkable effect on three states.

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