Top 10 Most Cruel Dictators of the World

History tells us about many figures who are known for their work and leadership. The dictators have a long story of their struggle and victory as well. Here we have the list of top 10 cruel dictators of the work, who were not just known for their work but also for their cruel and short temper nature.

10. Porfirio Diaz

Mexican history related to this dictator named as Porfirio is said to be quite controversial. He is said to be the most cunning dictator. Also he struggled a war which was against predecessor. He retired in the year 1908. For about 20 years he ruled over the post of president. In this 20 year duration he did many thing like the government became centralised due to his efforts , he succeeded in destroying the economy of Mexico also the total power was within the hands of Diaz by the end of his rule. Mexico got democracy just because of this ruler also people got the right of having free elections.

9. Fidel Castro

In 1959 this dictator, Fidel Castro was the prime minister of the country, Cuba and carried the responsibilities during the continuation of the country’s revolution. Different people have different reviews regarding the dictator. Some think of him to be a controversial figure while for other he was a real hero. Also he is s aid to be one among the most successful leaders of the world. He was known for his generous nature. He resigned from his post in the year 2008 due to his health issues. Till the date of his resignation he served his sate at his best. His resignation was accepted by maintaining his overall dignity and prestige

8. Chairman Mao

This leader named Mao Tse-tung was dictartor of china till the year 1976. The china’s communist party won  the civil war of china under his leadership and so was considered as a hero. He followed the ideology of Russian communist. The communities who were basically rural were in great suppot of him. He hardy focused on the people who were industrial workers. He put forward brutal tortures for the one who became his enemies. He also initiated with the five –year-plan.

7. Idi Amin

The dictator named as Idi Amin was the ruler of Uganda, who was also the commander in the army of Ugandan. The small nations of Africa were under his control. As he was the president of the place itself. He replaced the law courts that belonged to Civilians and then initiated the martial laws. Around thousands of civilian people were killed because of his rule. This personality is said to be a bit short tempered. He was not in a support of England and the things related to it. But coincidently he was in love with the queen of England Elizabeth and so he used to write love letters for her.

6. Vladmir Lennin

Lenin is also a great dictator of Russia. He never expected himself to get indulge in such works as in the start of his career he was a lawyer and after that he continued as a publisher who publishes the socialists literature. He was against the fact that working class was made to fight the confilct of imperialist by the bourgeoisie for their benefit.  He was the one who inspired the October revolution. The sobiet government system was established by him only under the inspection of Bolsheviks. He became the chairman council of people’s commission. He took Russia out of the war in which it was involved. He supported feminism.

5. General Franco

Franco was the military men at the starting of his career. He was a general at the time when the country was politically not well. The tried his best to restore the country from the evil things which happened in the political field. He had many friends in nazi’s but he stayed away from the World War II. In spite of getting himself out of the war, he helped the people by sending groups for their help. This decision of his for not getting involved in the war was just to save himself from the anger of the people of other people involved in the war. Under the rule of this ruler Spanish was a compulsion to speak. One cannot communicate in any other language. Not only this he didn’t support abortion and also divorce.

4. Benito Mussolini

In 1922 the Prime Minister of Italy was Benito Mussolini. He is said to be one among the most successful leaders all around. He was popularly known of his Excellency and was also the one who founded the empire. During some period of time he became the Empire’s First Marshial who shared a combined control over the army along with the king.  He also participated in World War I. He always gets to support socialism. According to him Italy was in a need of someone who can lead the country successfully. The office of the Prime Minister was given to him as he had the military support with him.

3. Josef Stalin

The Josef Stalin is said to be a generous and a trustworthy gentlemen. Apart from the fact of generosity, he was a thief who was involved in bank robberies. He resigned from his post when the government created laws which were against bank robberies and he himself went to rob a bank, just to prove that the bank robbery is not a crime. He ruled the Union between 1922 to 1956. The supervision of industry, soviet economy and also the agriculture was under Stalin. In spite of being cruel the leader had a great sense of humour. One of the incidents which portrays his humour is when he went his cabin and started shouting for help unnecessary just to make people April fool

2. Pol Pot

The actual name of this dictator is Saloth Sar but he is popularly known as Pol Pot. In 1975 he was the leader of Cambodia as he was the one who took the initiation of the revolt against the government. He took people to the country area who were residing into small city and were known as civilians. His dream was to acheive the agrarian collectivism but since the place was overpopulated so it became difficuilt for him. He finally after a lot of effort took the whole of the power into his hands and made this city a peacefull city. Finally in 1977 he toppled the rule of Vietnamese. He died in the year 1998. Also the news of his death spread along withthe rumours that he killed himself and was not died accidently.

1. Adolf Hitler

This dictator, Adolf Hitler was born in Australian pub. He didn’t have a peaceful family as his father was not good with him and his mother. The reason behind the emotional problems was usually because of the domestic violence which his father did on him as well as his mother. He was highly disappointed with his father and thought to become an artist. His father opposed his decision of becoming an artist but he still went on. Unfortunately he flunked the standards of becoming an artist and was rejected by the fine arts academy named as Viennese. During the initiation of World War I he gets himself indulged into the army. After the world war he came into Munich and there he became the chairman of National Socialist German worker as he was influenced by the member of named Dietrich Eckart to join the organisation. He was succeeded in irritating the members of the committee at its best as the all over control of the committee was in his hands. He remained active in World War II also and so his part can never be forgotten in the history.

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