Top 10 Major Accidents

Accidents are one of the most common endeavors that we see on a regular basis but then there are various major accidents that really created a huge hullabaloo across the world. And here in the article the top ten major accidents have been highlighted below.

10. Titanic Disaster

The Titanic was considered as the best and luxurious passenger ship. But in its way it struck the iceberg but it did not respond to the flare signal of the wireless distress ship. The Titanic sank because of the filling up the 3 compartments with water and then the entire boat filled with water.

9. The Iroquois Theater fire

The Iroquois Theatre was a newly build theatre in 1903 which was hosting a matinee show and the theatre was packed up with the audience. The only fire protection was the dry chemical extinguishers. In the second act a fire was caused due to the shorting of the stage light and this fired quickly spread and almost 602 people were killed.

8. The Halifax Explosion

This accident was caused due to the collision of a full cargo ship with a section of the Halifax harbor. Around 9000 people were injured due to the explosion of buildings and fires cause due to the explosive materials in the ship.

7. The Disaster of Texas City

The deadly accident just occurred as a morning fire but within no time the fire caused the detonation of around 2,300 tons of ammonium nitrate. This accident killed at least 581 people.

6. Fixborough Chemical plant

This accident occurred on 1st June 1974 at 4:53 pm. In this accident a chemical plant was demolished due to a large vapor cloud explosion. This plant was at a distance of half mile from Flixborough, UK. A sum total of about 28 people were killed and around 36 people were injured due to the accident.

5. Bhopal disaster

This accident occurred in 2nd December 1984 in Bhopal, India. A pesticide plant leaked a toxic vapor cloud containing methyl isocyanate. This gas is very harmful which can affect the eyes, respiratory system and mouth.

4. Chernobyl disaster

It was a nuclear accident occurred in Chernobyl power plant which is in the Ukraine. An output surge occurred during the test and the emergency shutdown process led to the rupture of a nuclear vessel and it resulted in a series of explosions.

Major Accidents

Major Accidents

3. Challenger shuttle explosionĀ 

This accident occurred 25 years earlier when a space orbiter was broken very dangerously after 73 seconds into its flight. All the seven crew members who were present at the time of this incident were dead. The space ship was destroyed completely and the destruction was completely due to the technical faults.

2. Piper Alpha

On the night of 6th July 1988 a piper explosion led to the death of 167 offshore workers. But during the accidents the gas alarms were not activated which lead to a huge destruction due to a minor gas leak.

1. BP Macondo

In this incident the fire, explosion and blowout led to a death of 11 people and almost 16 people were injured. This resulted in the release of 4.9 million barrels of oil in the Mexican Gulf.

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