Top 10 Greatest Pharaohs of Egypt

Egypt was once ruled by different pharaohs and most of them were quite powerful. Aside from power, most of the Egypt’s leaders were intelligent and has ruled the nation in a way like no other kings or other leaders of other nations have done. So let’s check out the top 10 greatest pharaohs of Egypt.

King Narmer

Narmer was popularly known as the great founder of Egypt as he was said to be responsible in unifying the entire Egypt nation during his rule in the first dynasty. He is considered as one of the greatest because it was during his reign that pharaohs were greatly honoured and recognized.


During his reign he started a different way of worship which some Egyptians at that time weren’t eager to embrace. He was known as Amenhotep IV and his reign lasted for about 17 years. After his death, his people restored their beliefs and way of worshipping. He is considered as one of the greatest for founding the so called monotheistic worship.


She was the next pharaoh after Alexander the Great’s reign. She was said to be the last of all pharaohs who ruled Egypt. Cleopatra was one of a kind for refusing to speak the native tongue of Egypt despite being the pharaoh and she prefer speaking in Greek. She ruled Egypt intelligently and managed to secure her throne for such a long time.

Ptolemy I

Ptolemy I was like an older brother to Alexander the Great. He was part of the seven most trusted bodyguards of Alexander and was also one of the generals. Ptolemy ruled Egypt and started the Ptolemaic dynasty. This is one of the reasons why he falls in this list. He was a great ruler who knows his craft way before he became the ruler of Egypt.


Sneferu is otherwise known as Soris was said to be the builder of pyramids. He is considered as one of the greatest pharaohs because of his contributions in Egypt and one of which is the building of pyramids. Soris was said to reign 24-48 years and managed to build 3 different pyramids that even up until today does exists.


Tutankhamen was a young ruler of Egypt who ruled for 9 years. It was said that because he was a young ruler, he used very intelligent advisers in his time. He was the one responsible in worshiping the god Amun and reversed some policies his father made.

Amenhotep III

Amenhotep III was known as a very artistic pharaoh who led Egypt in prosperity. He was also known for being a womanizer and has married different women in different races or foreigners.

Ramses III

Ramses III was known to be one of the greatest pharaohs who ruled Egypt; he was the last great pharaoh until he was assassinated by his wife and son. He ruled for about 31 years and was very clever in battling people who threatens his rule and kingdom.

Pepi II Neferkare

Pepi II was probably the youngest ruler who started ruling at the age of 6 and ruled the land for about 94 years! This is why he is considered one of the greatest for managing to rule for such long years.


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