Top 10 Greatest Kings and Rulers of Indian History

India has been the place of many rulers. Many kingdom flourished over here and they have the remains till now. Of all the kingdoms in India, there are a few kingdom which changed the scenario and history of India. Some of the famous kings of India has been briefly mentioned here and they follow as:-


10.) Kanishka, The Great

The king of India, who was the Kushan Emperor. He was famous for his military ,spiritual and political deeds. He was in fact the king from the Punjaab province of India, and his capital state was Peshawar the then Purushpura, with its regional centers of Taxila in Pakistan now. The gene inheritance of Yuezhi ethinicity, he ruled almost the major parts of India. His vast empire operation and united rule made him to be the 10th best ruler of India in its golden history.


9.) Harsha Vardhan

Another Ruler from the northern province of India, whose time reign was said to be in 590-647. He mainly operated too from Punjaab Province of India and almost united the entire place of empire under one. He succeeded his rule after the fall of Gupta Dynasty in India in middle of 6th century. After successions of his victory, he changed to buddhism and followed buddhism principles of non-violence and the preaching’s of buddha. He is the 9th most famous ruler of India.


8.) Chandragupta Vikramaditya

one of the most powerful king in the reigning time of Gupta Dynasty in India. It was his reign that India saw the major and golden changes in the field of art, literature, culture and almost everything. He reunited the entire empire under his rule. He was the son of Samudragupta. He had a long list of gems in his courts known as Nine Gems and the famous poet Kalidas is from his reigning time who is still famous among literature lovers. His famous creation abhigyanshaluntalam depicts a few contents from the king’s life and his rule. The period of Vikramaditya is said to be the golden period of the empire. He is the 8th best king of India who ruled over it and paid his love as well.


7.) SamudraGupta

Father of Chandragupta -II (Vikramaditya). He was the ruler of Gupta dynasty and he succeeded Chandragupta I. He was considered to be the best genius of the era for organizing a vast military empire. He was the favorite to his father and thus he was chosen to be the next king. Important inscriptions about the ruler has been found in Kaushambi a place near Allahabad. Also known as the “man of culture”, he is placed at number 7 in the list of best kings of India.


6.) Ranjit Singh

The most famous sikh ruler of Sikh Empire in India whose reigning time was 1780-1839. He operated his kingdom in Punjaab region. He in fact was the follower of Khalsa under whose guidance his kingdom flourished and he had formed his own autonomous army. Although, suffering an eye loss in his childhood, he never felt neglected of ignored. He reunited the divided parts of United punjab and brought them back together as one. He is also known as “Maharaja of Punjab” is placed at number 6th in the list.


5.) Shivaji

The man of versatile talents and in a true terms a visionary. He founded the Maratha Empire of Maratha region. It was his reign, when the empire of India, reached to the new heights and He invented a very new fighting technique also known as “Guerilla Warfare” mainly useful in attacking enemies unaware of the locations of theirs. His reigning era is from 1630 to 1680 and under this time, Entire India was almost united under one ruler, Shivaji. He is known to be the pioneer king in the establishment of civil rule and well developed regulated legislation among people. He is placed at number 5 in the list of the best rulers of India.


4.) Krishnadeva Raya

The famous ruler from South India who is known to be the best among people for his humanity, kind hearted and his judgment. The famous “Tenali-Raman” a learned Brahmin also known to be the best poet, quick-witted was his courtier. Krishnadeva Raya was the greatest ruler of Vijayanagar Empire. He earned the title of “Andhra Bhoj and Kannada Rajya Rama Ramana”. He was one of the best geniuses of warfare and he also defeated many foreign rulers trying to evade India. He is the 4th best ruler of India.


3.) Akbar, The Great

Actually Jalal-ud-din-Muhammad, is the famous Mughal Ruler. Son of Humayun, he succeded the mughal empire in India and took the empire to its highest heights. He was famous among his loyal people for his bravery, judgment and non-partial ruling system. He became the king of his empire at the age of 13 after his father’s death. He was the man who overtook the kingdom after destroying the threats from descendants of Sher-Shah-Suri, the then ruler of Sasaram, a place in Bihar. He was also loved by people for letting them allow to follow the religion they wished. He was also known as “Din-aey-elahi”.


2.) Ashoka, The Great

The famous ruler of Mauryan Dynasty in India. His kingdom consisted the main parts of India. He was most probably the first Indian Ruler to unite the emtire empire under his control. He spread his kingdom all over India and to the parts closing in Afghanistan, Asaam and those of South India. He was greatly moved by the massacre after Kalinga War and he changed his mind and left the path of violence and accepted Buddhism. He then on followed the preaching’s of Lord Buddha. His reign time is from 269-232 BC and his administration area belonged to Patliputra the present Patna in Bihar. He is the 2nd most famous ruler of India.


1.) Chandragupta Maurya

The ruler of Magadh, and the founder of Mauryan Empire in India. He is considered to be the first very well genuine ruler. He with the help of his mentor the best economist and political teacher Chanakya (Vishnu Gupt) a Brahmin in style and a warrior in his thoughts and the best scholar of those time, united the entire empire and ended the kingdom of Nanda Empire in India. He in fact led a path of pleasing rule and spread his kingdom as far as he could see. He also defeated the Prime Minister of Alexander the Great, Selucas and entered in to matrimonial alliances to strengthen the relation with him. He is considered to be the most famous of all kings in India.

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