Top 10 Greatest Conquerors in the World

Back in the old civilization, we’ve heard a lot of stories about famous significant people who had conquered different lands and parts of the world. Some would even fight and move mountains just to conquer certain territories. Have you ever wondered who were these people who seemed to can’t get enough of their lands and continued to conquer even other nations? Let’s check out the top 10 greatest conquerors in the world.

Top 10 Greatest Conquerors in the World

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was the famous king of Macedon, Greece. He is considered as one of the greatest conquerors in the history mainly because he lived and rules for the purpose of conquering other nations. He aimed to conquer and tirelessly seek the ends of the world and even seek the great outer sea. He was able to rule India and even tried invading Arabia. It was said he was able to found and lead 20 cities.

Julius Caesar

A well respected Roman consul and general, Julius Caesar was one of the greatest conquerors of the world. Because he has 4 legions of army under his command, Julius used this as an advantage and led his army to conquer dozens of battles. He had a lot of adventures as a military officer and one of his notable conquered lands was Gaul that was divided to 3 different parts.

Genghis Khan

Noted as the most brutal and cold hearted conqueror of the world, Genghis Khan was able to unite different tribes in Asia even those that are nomads. He used tactics and powerful ways to invade different lands and he was the one who founded the Mongol Empire.

Cyrus the Great

The Persian king who was able to defeat the Babylonians. Aside from being known as Cyrus the Great, he was also called as Cyrus the Elder. He was the one who liberated the Jews, he is admired for his respect to others religion and customs and he has a lot of achievements in terms of human rights and politics.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon was a famous leader both in politics and military. He was famous for starting an Egyptian expedition in order to add strength when confronting the English Royal Navy. He is one of the best conquerors because he is well experienced, used intellectual tactics in invading certain territories.

Adolf Hitler

Hitler is one of the greatest conquerors who was feared during his time. He aimed for a new order in Europe to establish an absolute Nazi German hegemony. In fact, because he was so strict, it was believed that because of Hitler’s strict rule that the 2nd world war erupted which took 5.5 million lives of Jewish people and few more millions of lives who were believed to be his followers.

Attila the Hun

Attila was famous and widely known for being able to conquer the Eastern Empire. He was a fearless invader who flourished during the 5th century. Because he was a barbarian leader of the Huns, he gained the name Attila the Hun, Scourge of God.


The greatest and most wanted enemy of Rome who almost conquered Rome was Hannibal. He was considered as one of the greatest conquerors because of the fact that he faced the army and wrath of the mighty Rome despite having less army. Despite losing to Rome, Hannibal of Carthage earned his reputation and one of the greatest leaders who dared faced Rome.


Another clever ruler is Marius of the Roman army. He is considered one of the greatest because he was the one responsible in reforming the Roman army. He told promises of high pay to those poor men of Rome, promised to give away land to each men who wishes to be Rome’s soldier. Because of this, he managed to recruit a lot of Roman armies and was even voted 7 times as consul.


Charles the Great or Charlemagne was the king or Frankish kingdom. He was a ruler for about 13 years and in his rule he was able to unite for the first time most parts of Western Europe hence he was called the father of Europe.


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