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We recently discussed the Top 10 Freedom Fighters of India, and while writing down the list we noticed that there are a lot of very brave women freedom fighters that must be listed too. Freedom fighters are the ones who sacrificed a whole lot of things for their country. Its because of them that we enjoy freedom in all spheres of life . We owe our everything to these patriotic people and this list shows that it’s not just the men who worked hard for our freedom but even the nation’s women contributed a lot. We learn from them that whenever we find our nation in acute danger we should not give a second thought but give our everything to save the nation. But such bravery from women who were expected to take care of the household chores rather than the nation is exceptional .

Here are the Top 1o Women Freedom Fighters of India :-

10. Vijaylakshmi Pandit

Just like her brother Jawaharlal Nehru she too was passionate for her country . She served our country for many years and during this she achieved many milestones . she was the first women president of the united nations general assembly . she was a versatile personality. she was a writer , diplomat , politician and what not . she is a perfect example for all the women out there.


9.Usha Mehta 

She was one of the youngest women freedom fighters of Indian freedom movement . she was inspired when she met Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi . At a very early age she participated in the ‘Simon go back ‘ protest even though her father was a judge under the British Raj . she sacrificed her everything for her nation and she dedicated herself completely to the struggle of achieving freedom from the ruthless britishers.


8.Kittur Rani Chennamma


She was the queen of princely state in Karnataka  and was the one of the earliest Indian rulers who fought for freedom . she lost her life 33 years before the national upspring when se led an armed rebellion against the british .she may not be that famous but she is still regarded as one of the bravest women in India .


7.Savitribhai Phule

She was one of the freedom fighters who raised their voice for equal rights for women and also to put a stop to human trafficking especially among women . she was tired of  women being oppressed and being denied the rights of education . even after a lot of insults and humiliations from the society she kept on imparting education to girls and women .


6. Begum Hazrat Mahal

She was one of the women freedom fighters of the of the national movement of 1857 . This iconic figure forced the rural people to raise their voices and show equal participation in the national upspring. she seized control of Lucknow and declared her son as the king of Awadh. but unfortunately she was sent to Nepal when the British regained the control of Lucknow .


5. Aruna Asaf Ali

She was originally a brahman . After marrying Asaf Ali she became an active member of The Congress Party and she also participated in the salt Satyagraha . she was imprisoned in the Tihar jail because she launched a hunger strike but later was moved to Ambala.


4.Bhikaji Cama

Bhikaji Cheema was the sort of person who could give everything for her country . She was into literature and wrote several epic speeches from the freedom movement. she also set up Indian home rule society . she also gave  many revolutionary speeches in Egypt.


3.Sucheta Kriplani 

Just like Usha Mehta and Aruna Asaf Ali she supported the quit India movement. she was close to mahatma Gandhi . She was elected as the first women chief minister of a state in India . she also participated in many partition riots . she retired from politics in 1971. And is a role model for all the women in the country .


2. Sarojini Naidu 

Sarojini Naidu is known as the  shining start of our society . Seeing the condition of women she was disheartened but this sadness became the source of her inspiration . Having leadership qualities she dominated the brutal leaders of that time and improved the condition of women . Being a fabulous poet her poems still inspire  lot of people.


1. Rani Lakshmi Bai 

She is an epitome of women courageousness and braveness . When in the battle field she would forget everything and fight with  all her  might . Because of her never-say-die spirit everyone knows about the adventures of Manu or Rani Lakshmi Bai  . She was one of the leading personalities of the mutiny of 1857 . Unfortunately such a clever and brave personality died on 17 June 1858 . Hats off to such a valiant personality ..


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