Top 10 Facts about Lord Krishna, Krishna’s Life in Facts

Krishna is also known as “Murli Manohar” is one of the most important lords in Hindu mythology, mesmerizing everyone by his beauty and charm. He has always been the most favorite of all the writers and poets. Krishna has shown his various forms – naughty, protector, flirtatious from his childhood to youth. He is known by various names like Makhan Chor, Nandkishore, Kanha, Kishan, Laddoo Gopal. Following are the top ten facts about Krishna.

10. Appearance

Shree Krishna is one of the most popular gods in the Hindu mythology. We always see Krishna in blue color from his sculptures and paintings. The blue color doesn’t mean that he was blue in color instead blue signifies his majestic powers similar to the sky which is very vast and infinite. He is known for his enthralling beauty and grace which amuses all of us. He wears a peacock’s feather as his crown which adds to his beauty. Krishna is known as the Father of the Universe and a peacock’s feather adorned at his head signifies that he accepts all his responsibilities with lightness.

9. Young life

Krishna is believed to be a mischief-monger in his youth. He used to steal butter from his mother’s kitchen for which he was named as “makhanchor” (thief of butter). He also teased gopis on their way to Mathura and used catapult to break the water pots which they carried. He also used to steal their clothes from the riverside with his other friends when the gopis went for taking the bath. The flute was his all-time companion. He used to play flute in his leisure time. He has always mesmerized the common folks with his melodies. His enchanting tunes have always captivated his listeners of all ages. Age was never a bound for Krishna, he used to hold the village gentry by his looks and charm.

8. Marriage

According to Hindu Mythology, Krishna is said to be married with 16,000 girls. He eloped with them and married them on their request. Most of his wives were the captives of the demon named Narakasura. Krishna abducted the maidens and married them to save their respect and honor. Among all his wives, 8 of them were close to them, and were collectively known as “Ashtha Bharya” ( Ashtha meaning eight and Bharya meaning wife). They were Rukmini, Mitravrinda, Satyabhama, Bhadra, Jambavati, Lakshana, Kalindi, and Nagnajiti. However, he never married Radha who was his childhood love.

7. Role in Bhagavad Gita

It is not wrong if Krishna is said to be the protagonist in the Bhagavad Gita. This is considered the most important book for the Hindus, containing the words of wisdom by Lord Krishna. This epic book was written by sage Vyasa. This book is based on the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna during the time of Mahabharata. Throughout the book, Krishna has enlightened Arjuna by giving him words of knowledge on various philosophical matters and showing him the right course of selfless action.

6. Killing of demoness Putana

Kansa never gave up in killing Krishna. He tried his level best and played all his cards to win the game against Krishna. One of his cards was demoness Putana. He instructed Putana to fulfil his wish of seeing Krishna dead. Putana went to Vrindavan, disguised as a nurse. She searched for Krishna in the whole Vrindavan and fed newly born babies with her poisoned milk. Thus killing the new born kids of the village. When she tried to kill Krishna with her poisoned milk, she could not succeed. All the more, her own poison killed her.

5. Birth

Krishna’s birth itself is a pool of miraculous events and happenings. Krishna was the son of Devaki and Vasudev. Vasudev was the leader of the Yadavas and Devaki was the princess of Mathura. It’s a legend that Krishna was born without the natural sexual union, but by the transmission of thoughts from the mind of Vasudev into Devaki’s womb. But being caught by the fear that their 8th son would also be killed by the cruel Kansa, Vasudev gave his son to his very dear friend Nand, who was the leader of Vrindavan. Krishna was brought up by him and his wife Yashoda. Both of them loved Krishna unconditionally.  

4. Taming the serpent Kaliya

According to the legend, Kaliya snake poisoned the pure water of the river Yamuna with its venom. All the animals and people consuming this poisoned water became seriously ill and few even died. Krishna being the protector of the people of Vrindavan, went into deep waters to tame the deadly snake. All the villagers were frightened that they will lose their beloved Krishna but they were shocked and surprised when they saw Krishna alive. Not only this, according to the Hindu mythology, it is said that Krishna danced on the multi headed snake, thus depicting his serene and divine powers.

3. Lifting Govardhan

This is one of the most famous incidents of Lord Krishna’s life. This incident took place when he was just a teen. It is a legend that the people of Vrindavan used to dedicate all their resources on lord Indra, the King of heaven. Krishna advised the villagers not to waste resources and to put them to a better use. Indra was highly annoyed when he came to know about it and in the anger started uncontrollable rain, creating huge devastation in the village. But Lord Krishna lifted Govardhan on his little finger and thus became the Saviour of the people and taught Indra, the god of rains a good lesson.

2. Chirharan

Lord Krishna played a very important role in the Mahabharata. When the Kauravas and the Pandavas were playing “Chopad”(the game of gamble), the eldest Pandav Yudhishthir one by one lost all his wealth and finally betted on his wife Draupadi. After losing the game, Draupadi was brought in the “Raj Sabha” by dragging her by her hair where she was insulted in front of all. She was embarrassed, the height of embarrassment further increased when Durshashana started unwrapping her “saree”, she pleaded with all the elder members in the court but it was fruitless. Finally she called Lord Krishna to come to save her. Krishna extended the saree as Durshashana unwrapped her. Finally Durshashana gave up and Krishna saves the respect of Draupadi.

1. Kansa’s murder

Kansa was the king of Mathura and also Krishna’s maternal uncle. But he was famous for his reckless and cruel behavior everywhere. Furthermore, he also imprisoned hi real sister Devaki when he acknowledged the fact that Devaki’s son, his nephew will be the reason of his demise. Not only this, he also killed Devaki’s 7 children, showing his devilish behavior. When Krishna returned to Mathura he challenged Kansa for an open fight. He then killed Kansa, thereby putting an end to his rule. He reinstated Kansa’s father King Ugrasena as the king of Mathura and he himself became the prince of the region.

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