Top 10 Facts about Greek Civilization-Ancient Greece

Civilization flourish with a need of demand and necessity. Same goes with the ancient civilizations. No matter what be the reason but , their growth is mandatory and natural. Since the beginning of time, there have been many cultures and civilizations flourished and fallen down. Mainly of them are importantly known as “River Valley Civilization”. River Valley civilizations are those civilizations which flourished near by rivers and rivers have been the main cause of their growth, living and lifestyle. For the following section of article I have taken one of the most ancient civilization which flourished back in 1400 B.C. (before Christ) and is Greek Civilization. Here are some fascinating facts which one must know about Greek. The living style, society, military organization, political issues and of religions.

10.) Origin of the Civilization

The Greek civilization is thought to be flourished back in time before Christ in 1400. In fact Greece is now a south-western part in Europe and if facts are to be believed the civilization had flourished back in 6000 B.C., but a civilization is not civilization until it produces some beneficial aspects of life. So goes with Greek. The time which can be termed as the start of civilization is marked from 1400 BC near “Ezian” ocean and thus it is one of the most promising civilization flourishing along ocean side. It was first inhabited by “Ekiyan” race but later on was inhabited by  “Dorian” race as well.

9.) Main states of Greece in Ancient times

As already mentioned, the two main races which inhabited Greece were Dorian and Ekiyan. Dorian race were the people who actually known as Spartans and Ekiyan formed the famous state of Athens.  As in history is very famous, the two races inhabited Greece in Ancient times. Athens were cool and calm in nature and believed in peace while one the other hand, Spartans were brutal and followed military form of organization.

8.) Black Years in Civilization

It is said that civilizations die in void of need and necessities, but considering the case of Greece, the two states comprising Ekiyan and Dorian races, they never grow while the period of 1200 B.C. to 800 B.C. This time as been reported from archaeologists and many historians is considered as the black years of Greek civilization because, for this time period, they could not achieve any productive or could create anything good fort the coming generation. This is why, the period is known as Black Period.

7.) Athens & Sparta

Although, Greece had many states but notably to know Athens was the most important other than Sparta. Athens was formed on society basis and they followed a political system to manage and regulate their society. It is although very common to know that the ruler were like dictators, who enjoyed all the benefits of society while the rest were deprived of the materiality.  There were no written laws and rules for specific crimes and thus King was the main authority, who can give statement as per his own wish.
Another state of Greece was Sparta. In fact, this state was a military organization, where the youth had to be give their service in military once they become 21 and they need to serve for almost 4 years. The ruling condition of Sparta was however Military, so it was common to have indifferences in their leaders.

6.) Division of Society

It is very surprising to know that Greek Society was divided in to mainly two parts. One was Citizen and the other was Non-Citizen. Division was based on the property, the people had. The one with the high wealth and land, were the high citizen class of society while the others who had no property were the non-citizens who worked as the slaves and serfs of High Citizens. The first class were of High society people, the riches, priests and authorities and the other class constituted peasants and serfs in the society.

5.) Political System

The political system of Greece is the basis of all the political organizations of world in present. Greek were the first to use a very different and new political system which was non biased and the judgment were not partial. It comprised a council of 500 persons in it. Council was divided in 10 parts for which each part was of 50 members and the head of the council was decided from these council and the head was changed daily. This assured a great functionality of the organization without being partial.

4.) Philosophy

The Greek civilization has given the greatest thinkers and philosophers of all time. The great Socrates who gave the world a very new sensational style of mentality and living standards and if the chief cause of rational thought. The another great thinker from Greece is Plato who was the disciple of Socrates and Plato was followed by “Aristotle” the teacher of Alexander “The great”.  Plato is called the “Father of Politics” and Aristotle is known as the “father of Debate” who had written a number of books on mentality,. Philosophy of Greek Culture and other important things.

3.) Art and Literature
It was the golden period of Pericleaz when the Greek was on the heights in the sense of art and literature. In fact, the first historian of the world named “Harodates” was also from Greek, followed by Thusidedies. In the field of art, Homer , Anekyan and great Mathematician Archimedes and Pythogorus also loved in this civilization as well. These people have influenced the world at a great level and we would always be thankful to the Greece.

2.) Religious Aspects

The Greece were highly devotee of Gods and they treated god to be the man kind ultimate power people who lived in mountains. They were believed to be human-form like and they could be appeased with prayers and offerings. The main god of Greek Civilization is Zeus (the god of lightening) , Hera(Zeus Wife). Demeter, Aris. Apollo is the Sun-God. The today Olympics is the gift of Greece which was in ancient time was organized in the name of Zeus on his birthday. Olympic is having its origin dating back in 1500 B.C.

1.) Alexander “The Great”

The first person to have the belief to join the Western and Northern culture was Alexander. He was born in Macedonia. He was the son of King Philip of Macedonia. He succeeded as the king of Greece after death of his father and he went on the path of world-win when he was only 16 and he had conquered almost all regions of world. He and his army lost their patience while their fight in India and he was totally devastated and his army had almost rebelled against him. While coming back his home, he died in 323 B.C. in Babylon. He was the prime cause behind the Hellenistic age who spread the Greek Culture all over the world.

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