Top 10 Discoveries that Changed Human Life for Ever

These are discoveries which have made human life so easy and full of comfort. Below inventions also possess some demerits with merits. It all depends on man, how he take the use of these inventions into account. It is for sure that the life without all these would be very tough. Hence it can be concluded by stating that they are heavily responsible for advancement of not only mankind but the whole world.


Invention of fridge, microwave, television, digital camera, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, music systems have made the life of a man quite simple and easy. Televisions or LCD’s play a very fine role in getting daily updates, having fun, and in gaining knowledge. Commercial microwave ovens require less effort in preparing and re-heating the food. Almost all kind of baked and grilled dishes can be enjoyed at home with its use. The first refrigerator was introduced in 1922. It helps to store food or other items healthy for a considerable amount of time which is impossible without a fridge. Washing machines and vacuum cleaners give good contribution in reducing exertion due to work. Similarly, cameras, music systems, etc. have their own applications and significance.


Development of credit and debit cards has provided man a safe view of living and enjoying his life. Carrying large amount of cash has always been risky and space consuming. Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) were first made known to world in June 1967 in United Kingdom by John Shephed Barron. They are also known as ‘automated banking machine’. ATM’s are now present almost everywhere which permits cash withdrawal on the basis of PIN number. The concept of credit card is bit different. It permits to expense up to the valid limit and the details with the bill are sent to you after a particular period of time. “Swap and shop” has made this technology more popular. ‘Plastic money’ or cards are very safe and cool but if they are lost, there are chances of losses (due to any fraud or theft). So it is advised to follow serious precautions on such type of issues.


Internet technology is in top position of those lists of technologies which have impacted humans. Basically, when many computer networks get interconnected with each other, a global system is formed is developed termed as ‘Internet’. It provides great flexibility in terms of working hours and location. It has secured its place in almost every field (like business, politics, education, advertisement, shopping etc.) with which a man can associate himself. It has been estimated that after the invention of WWW in 1989, more than 25 percent people of the world are accessing internet. Telecommunication, information exchange, real time interactions, data transfers, work collaborations has become an easy task by its discovery.


Wheel is the oldest and greatest invention of man which has made this world smaller and smaller. It is believed that wheel was invented six thousand years ago. Wheel has always been of primary use no matter earlier they were of wood and now they are structured through rubber and steel. The discovery of wheel has served the world’s economy and participated in the progress of industry and technology.  Windmill, water wheel, vehicles, chariots, cogs and pulleys came into existence through wheel. If on one side it increases the efficiency of man than on the other side it has created a space of life’s risk for man. Possibilities of accidents, turbines pollution, guns are havoc to mankind.


DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid is the blueprint of all hereditary material in all living organisms. A very famous Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher made the discovery of DNA (nuclein). Adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T) are four nitrogenous bases of DNA. These chemical bases make 20 amino acids whose order determines what protein is made. In every cell, DNA codes have vital functions which are needed to sustain life. Replication is one of the important properties of DNA. All organisms from bacteria to humans have same DNA system as a genetic code. It has superseded many tests used for human identity and relationship testing. In addition to its medicinal application, it also has a vast use in criminal applications.


Steam engine is the most pivotal and appreciable discovery of 18th century by James Watt. It has also been vital for Industrial revolution. It is basically a kind of external combustion engine. It uses steam and a working fluid to perform mechanical work. Steam engines can be sited in steam ships, steam tractors, steam turbines, railway steam locomotives, steam hammers and pile drivers which then result in more production of energy than estimated by other kinds of heat engines. It has replaced horse-pulley type of engines in the field of transportation. Coal burning, natural gas and nuclear reactor are all sources of heating steam.


Computer has revolutionized human life. Charles Babbage is the ‘Grand Father of computer but first PC computer was invented in 1981 by IBM. A computer is an electronic device which accepts user input (data), computes that input data and stores result accordingly. Computers have advanced all variety of realms including media, marketing, communication, work efficiency, social interactions, shopping, etc. They have incredible speed and so are capable of completing amazing feats. The advent of computers has greatly reduced the load on human brain and manual work. Moreover laptops, notebooks, and ultra books are advance forms of computer.


A Scottish bacteriologist, Alexander Fleming discovered ‘penicillin’ in London in 1928. Penicillin is an antibiotic which is capable of fighting with bacterial infections and infectious diseases in humans. It acted as wonder drug for those who suffered during the World War II. It has served large number of people in saving their lives. They are of various types including Penicillin V, amoxicillin, etc. These drugs are usually safe but may sometimes cause severe allergic reactions. Its high efficacy and availability has made it a front-line tool of medicines all around the world.


In April 1973, the first practical mobile phone was discovered by Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola. Gradually the advancement in computing, software and applications, standard set of services, hi-tech animations and many more technologies paved the way in the development of modern and high quality mobile phones. Though they help in person-to-person communication (even in remote locations) in a more efficient way than telephones, they are in great demand. They also possess features which not only help to communicate but also act as a rich source of entertainment and knowledge. They have such a wide range that even a below average salary person can afford it.


It is truly said that ‘Humans would be nothing without electricity’. Electricity was not invented by any person. But some scientists and few groups of Greek, Phoenicians, Mesopotamian, and Parthians philosophers illustrated the effect and presence of electricity long before 1831. Michael faraday, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Coulomb are some of the famous scientists who had large contribution in changing the human life. There is rarely any aspect of modern life which could sustain on the planet without electricity. Hospitals, banks, household works, etc are all heavily dependent on the use of electricity. Electricity, being the basis of most modern inventions, life without it is undoubtedly out of imagination.


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