Top 10 Best Political Speeches

Words when delivered in style for a particular cause with great passion by great leaders to audience to motivate and inspire them are known as great speeches. These speeches are so powerful and effective that they change the course of history on the other hand effect on listeners psyche. They not only have long lasting impact on present audience but also motivate generations to come. These speeches change the mindset of the people on the other hand this not only influence present listeners but throws great impact on any type of people who read later on in their life. Here is some fine, stylish and rich in content speeches which had overwhelming impact.

10. Give me Liberty or give me Death by Patrick Henry

These are the words spoken by Patrick Henry during his speech to protect and defense Virginia. This speech is one of the most important and memorable speech of Henry as it was this much powerful that he bought resolution in Virginia. He was the one who raised the issue that county Virginia should raise a militia and should be protected by volunteer organization of cavalry or infantry in every Virginia county. Henry was the one who write a proposal and did a speech for audience.

9. Their Finest Hour by Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill speech in the year 1940 at the house of parliament of commons was the inspirational speech as this was delivered when nothing was there in the hands of France. It was the third speech during that time which was motivating for the people as they were losing on the other hand somewhat weak also for victory. This is considered last speech before becoming Prime Minister.

8. I am prepared to die by Nelson Mandela

This Nelson Mandela speech in the year 1964 support his trial as he was arrested by south African security on his clashes and opposition with white government on  the other hand its separateness policies of racial, political and economic discrimination against non white government. His fight for his community rights made him strong on the other hand government action against him never made him weak thus concluded his words by saying ‘’I am prepared to die’’.

7. The Apology by Plato

This Socrates speech rendered by Plato proved to be unsuccessful which is delivered to Athens jury being the corrupted youth. His action and contradiction was not supported by anyone as his peers convicted him as a result he committed suicide by swallowing hemlock. But this action and his words made general public aware about various things about human knowledge.

6. Tryst with Destiny by Jawaharlal Nehru

This speech by Jawaharlal Nehru was a landmark oration which made that period non violent freedom struggle with british empire. First Prime Minister of India delivered this speech to Indian constituent assembly focusing on the different aspects of Indian history. This speech was very much influential as this was also used in the movie ‘’Earth’’ becoming all time famous and powerful .

 5. Ask what you can do for your country by John F Kennedy

This speech by US President John F Kennedy in 1961 is considered to be one of the among best presidential inaugural speech in American history as this speech was delivered after taking presidential oath. This speech contain 1364 words and making it the fourth shortest inaugural ever addressed speech. Nodoubt this was the short speech but his speech was influential enough to give promise to the citizen being a president and his various responsibilities for the country encouraging public to fight against common enemies of Poverty, corruption, disease in unity.

4. Education by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

This address is given by one of the famous scientist and India former president Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam at Ernad Muslim Educational Association during their inaugural ceremony during the year 2008. During this speech he delineates the importance and  purpose of education in life and congratulate senior and young teachers for building and shaping young minds not only academically but overall resulting to become true and enlightened citizens for the nation in their lifetime. Abdul Kalam has given many such speeches in his life and won various awards.

3. I have a dream by Martin Luther King Jr.

In 1963 this public speech was delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. This was the 17 minute speech on racial equality and an end to discrimination as this was considered most famous and ranked top speeches of 20th century. Luther speech was considered one of the inspiring and motivating speech not just for people present but for whole America and next generation also. This speech title is not heard or made first time but this title has various versions spoken by other kings.

2. Quit India by Mahatma Gandhi

These words by Mahatma Gandhi not only influenced general public but forced to be termed as ‘’Quit India Movement’’. This resolution was started by him when Britishers have totally conquered our India and they were suppressed and forced to leave India and give independence to our country. National Indian Congress with him made such a strong resolution that they in anyway want to push Britishers out of here in non violent way. This speech motivate people to help Gandhi as in the end gandhiji was successful in carrying out this movement.

1.The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln speech during first civil war in 1863 is considered to be most important and well known in American History. Lincoln made his speech through human equality and principles related to American Revolution of 1776 making this as iconic phase. This speech contains five manuscripts which differ in details and also differ from newspaper print.

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