10 Neighboring Countries with Worst Relations

There are more than 190 countries in this world which is recognized by the United Nation and besides that there are so many more nations. Each country shares its border with one and sometimes more than one countries. And it is not everywhere that these nations have a peace loving relation with their neighbors. Some countries have never shared good bonds with their neighboring countries. There has been tremendous amount of efforts that are being taken by the world bodies to spread peace and harmony. So here we are going to talk about the top ten countries that have worst relations with its neighboring countries.

10. Russia – Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine are the two countries which were formed on the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the year 1991. Since there formation in the year 1991, there are many issues on which these countries have different opinions and that is the reason why they are not having good bonding with each other. It is more on the Russian side to have a wrong attitude towards the people of Ukraine. More often the Russian politicians have made such comments that have hurtled the sentiments of the people of Ukraine. With the present situation that these two countries have, there is no hope that their relation will improve in some years to come.

9. Croatia – Serbia

Croatia and Serbia are another set of two counties in our list who do not share good bonding between them. Both these countries were the part of the Yugoslavia for many years before parting ways and becoming an independent nation. Croatia and Serbia have 241 kilometers of border between them which are guarded by the security forces of both the nation. There are many disputes between these countries such as the Croatia Serbia genocide case, war they fought against each other in 90s, claim over the islands of Vukovar and Sarengard. This rivalry between these two countries has continued on the Football field too. Both these Football playing nation are bitter rival of each other in World’s Football.

8. Afghanistan – Pakistan

Afghanistan and Pakistan are two sister countries in the Asia continent. They have much thing in common such as the religion, culture, language and lifestyle and so on. But these countries have been fighting with each other on many issues such as the issue of the Durand line, Taliban terrorists, Soviet war and the present war which is still going in many provinces of these two countries. Moreover Pakistan is also unhappy with the way in which the Indian government has stepped forward to help the troubled nation of Afghanistan. India being a rival nation of Pakistan, this relation between these two countries was never accepted by the Pakistani government.

7. China – Japan

China and Japan are two neighboring countries whose relations have not been good over the years. These two countries Asian counties are separated with each other by the East China Sea. Although Chinese have a great influence on the culture, life style and other philosophies of Japan but over the years their relation has just been declining. The Japanese government has refused to give acknowledgement to the Chinese in its wartime which has certainly made the Chinese politicians angry. Although they share trade relation between each other but their foreign relation has always been a cause of concern for the world bodies.

6. China – Tibet

Tibet and China are other Asian countries who are not at all good neighbors. Tibet is a Buddhist country under the strong influence of their spiritual guru Dalai Lama. The attitude of the Chinese government towards the Tibet is well known throughout the world and so these two countries are in our list. The Chinese have dominated the Tibetans since the later got independence from the British rule. This interference of the Chinese officials in the matter of Tibet is not appreciated by the people living in Tibet and this is the main reason why these two countries are having such bitter relationship.

5. Russia – Georgia

The bitter relation between Russia and Georgia has been a matter of debate from a long time. These two countries have fought many wars and now are at a point that in near future the hope of bringing peace in the relation of these two countries is very slim. The Russian politicians have maintained a very controversial attitude towards the people of Georgia and this is something that has been criticized all over. Due to their bad relation with each other, they are at the number third spot in our list.

4. Syria – Turkey

In today’s scenario the relation between Syria and Turkey have been worse than it was ever before. There is kind of civil war that is going on between the countries over the year. Bombs are fired from both the ends that kill thousands of innocent people living there. Turkey has also asked the United Nation to interfere in the matter so that this dispute among these two countries can be solved and people start to live happily.

3. India – Pakistan

These South Asian countries named as India and Pakistan have never shared good bonding between themselves. Pakistan was earlier part of India only under the British rule. But when India got independence in the year 1947 many politicians wanted a separate nations for the Muslim people and this was the reason why Pakistan came into existence. Since 1947 when Pakistan actually came into picture these two neighboring countries have never shared good bonds among themselves. They have fought three wars with each other till date in the years 1965, 1971 and again in 1999. The Kashmir dispute and the Junagadh dispute are among the various reasons over which these two countries have been fighting from very back. Various efforts have been made by the government of these nations and also by the world bodies but due to one or the other incidents that happens, this peace negotiations have generally failed.

2. Iraq – Iran

Iraq and Iran are other countries who have never been a good neighbour for each other. They have been placed at the number second spot in our list of the top ten countries having worst relations with the neighbouring countries. Both these countries share a long border among each other but over the years they have been against each other on various topics and it has led to the bitter relationship among these two countries.

1. North Korea – South Korea

These two Korean counties have been a great rival to each other since the formation of North Korea and South Korea in the year 1948. Both these countries were earlier part of Korea which was under the Japanese rule. Since the year 1948 in which the both countries were formed, they have been fighting with each other on various issues. Both these countries have different opinion on various matters and this has been one of the most contradicting things that have dented their relationship.



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