Top ten home remedies for preventing sinus

Sleeplessness on dry wintery nights accompanied with mild to severe difficulty in breathing is one of the first symptoms that you might have a blocked sinus.

Sinuses are air cavities in the facial bones that lead to nasal cavities and are there to help the flow of unnecessary nasal mucus out of the body via the nostrils. The condition of sinus occurs when due to any reason these facial bone cavities become infected and congested blocking the mucus from leaving the body in time. An untreated sinus may lead to other severe ENT issues like ear infections and migraines.

Keep these easy ways to include in your routine and keep the sinus at bay and enjoy the winters like they are meant.

Regular nasal irrigation:


It is very essential that your nose remains irrigated. As much as sinus is a condition that block ups fluid flow, it is caused by dryness and lack of humidity in chilly weather. So make it a regular practice to run water through your nostrils several times a day and feel the difference.

Herbal inhalation:


Specific kinds of herbs available in your own area and the ones that suit you are helpful in keeping the mucus density of the body in place. So inhaling their vapor is another easy way to keep that fluid running.

Steam therapy:


Once in a while inhaling direct steam from water also helps kill bacteria and keep infections away. Just cover your head with a thick towel and inhale deeply the steam from heating water for at least ten minutes.

Hot shower:


Hot showers help in keeping the over body fluid system running smoothly. It not only helps in preventing sinus and other ENT related troubles, but also unexplained body aches, arthritis and fatigue.

Neti pot:


Neti pot is the method of running warm or saline water run through one nostril to drive it out of the other. This is one of the most effective ways to keep sinus open as saline water is an excellent wash for stubborn blocking substance and continuous use of this method has more proved to be 100% effective.



The magic spice. Garlic has a very significant place in food therapy and it has become the easiest of all food therapy because every next thing you eat has got garlic as the main ingredient of flavoring. So a must for every kitchen pantry and your daily diet routine if you fear sinus.

Green chili:


It may sound atrocious but chewing on raw chili is the only way you get it all runny and thus get rid of it in a matter of minute. Also green chili is a very good source of Vitamin C, a very effective substance that helps prevent major ENT problems.

Eucalyptus oil:


Eucalyptus oil has a very warm and healing nature. Running this oil over the nose and facial area around it in winter night and covering your face while sleeping.

Apple vinegar


Combine this magic liquid to warm water and add two teaspoons of honey to it and use it two to three times in a day. Vinegars are good anti-oxidants and rich in Vitamin C. That’s what you need.

Saline sprays:


Instead of those addictive nasal sprays containing steroids that turn you immune to other medicines, saline sprays are very effective and bear no harmful side effects.

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