Top 10 Yoga Exercises and its Benefits

Yoga is considered one of the traditional methods of keeping oneself active and healthy which ranges from simple meditation till all the exercises. There are various exercises or asana which are main components of yoga from simple asana Pranayam till complicated one remain part of the yoga. It has been observed that regularly doing meditation and exercising components contribute a lot to the health benefits whether it is internal or external. It is one of the most refined and pure form of keeping oneself healthy as it is directly related to god while doing meditation and other poses also. Yoga exercises helps in eliminating some of the common problems such as hypertension, back pain, depression, cancer and many more as its various poses support every body part and give benefit.

10. Twisting exercises

There are varying twisting poses which have almost same body benefits but they are different related to poses and     structure. Such twisting  poses provide varying advantages not only physically but focuses on balancing and mentally also. No doubt these are complicated exercises but they support a lot to make body flexible and active as it directly stretches on spinal mobility further giving mental comfort keeping aside physical growth.

9. Vajrasana

Vajrasana is one of the most common and calm posture of yoga exercises as one feels relaxed. This asana is also known as rock pose because this pose by looking seem to be very easy but gives patience to one who does as it involves continuous sitting on heels of the foot. Its very important to keep this pose straight with time as facilitates good digestive system and remove all stomach or gastric problems which is common now a days.

8. Dhanur Asan       

 This is one of the common pose by lying on  stomach as it can be practiced by anyone depending on age as this pose makes one active and gives one energy and vitality of youth thus making one feel young. This asan if practiced regularly can improve ones overall body posture and health as it works on respiratory system, digestive system and stretches out all body parts making one flexible and active. This pose should be done if one feel comfortable being complicated one beginner should never do in excess.

7. Konasana or stretch pose

This is one of the most common asana which can be done by anyone from teenage till adult age as it is a simple exercise in which one has to stand sideways bending one arm. This asana is considered to be one of the most simple which helps in toning of the body as it stretches our bones by bending sidewards on the other hand it also helps in reducing weight. It tones one abdominal organs, spine legs and arms and finally relief from back pain and other problems.

6. Badhakonasana

This is one of the most common pose which is practiced by women as it is more helpful for ladies if done regularly. This asana is also known as Butterfly pose due to its pose when made it actually resembles flying butterfly when legs move up and down. It is called by this name because it bound both the legs till the groin giving the appearance as if butterfly flapping the wings. This exercise is very helpful to women’s during late pregnancy and menstruation period and overall helps in intestine, bowel movement providing flexibility to the body.

5. Sarvangasan

This is being referred as queen or mother of all Asana as it is one of the complicated exercise. This asana is usually called of supported all limbs pose as one whole weight is supported by shoulder thus shoulder stand. Being a complicated asana this exercise should be done under full care and instructions as this may cause injury on the other hand it is the combination of all body postures or asana which help not only body rather soul and mind also. This removes the problem of Thyroid and keep blood circulation in flow further make it pure.

4. Tadasana

This asana can be named as first asana to start yoga as this is one most common and simple pose of standing straight. This asana has many variations from standing straight to stretching arms up and looking straight till bending backwards looking back due to this reason it is also known as mountain pose. This asana is must for the beginner which prepares them to do other preceding exercises on the other hand it helps to provide relaxation to the body in the end and make you stress free.

3. Warm Up exercise

This exercise involve various poses which makes one body ready to do other exercises so its very important to do these exercises. It depends from body to body how much time one takes to adapt to various poses but for the beginner its mandatory to warm up the body. Eye movements,neck exercise, shoulder lifts and stretches, cat pose are some of the common warm up exercise which make one ready for further yoga asanas.

2. Pranayam

Pranayam is one of the breathing exercise which can be done in three poses thus this asana includes three sitting posture to control breathing problems. Pranayam is considered to be the best way to make respiratory system fine on the other hand to eliminate problems related to cold, nausea and asthma which is very common. The person suffering from asthma should daily do this exercise which will eliminate this and other problems.

 1. Hatha Yoga Asana

This is also known as Surya Namaskar as it is the beginning of doing any exercise as well as yoga. This can be called as first exercise or just a way to salute sun god as this asana is specifically made for this purpose which connect one to the god early in the morning on the other hand warm up or toned the body to move further for other exercises. This namaskar is a series of 12 more asanas which is part of hatha yoga asana done in different style which are beneficial for whole body organs.

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