Top 10 Ways to Take Care of your Hair

Who doesn’t want long, lustrous hair? A long mane, a thick braid, a pixie cut or just plain simple shoulder length hair. No matter what hairstyle you choose to keep you need hair in good condition for them to be styled as per your will. I am sure most of girls want hair like that of “Rapunzel” shiny, healthy and long. It is not unknown to any of us that hair can make or break your personality. A good hairstyle will only complement you if your hair is full of life. Dull and lifeless hair is enough to put anyone off including your mood.

To sport that perfect hairstyle you need hair in good condition so you must stop tormenting your hair right away. To prevent hair from breakage, dandruff, split ends you must have proper diet. Keep in mind that what you eat, shows on your body and I am not just talking about weight. Poor diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are the root cause of hair problems. Excessive styling and pollution only add to woes.

So here are ten best ways to keep your hair in its best shape:

10. Take Small steps


Keep tiny little things in mind along with major ones for better quality hair. Such as wearing a cap while swimming will prevent it from chlorine exposure. Give it hot oil treatment once a week, probably coconut oil. Steam it once a while by using a hot towel. Use alcohol free products as it dries hair. Avoid bleaching and re coloring your hair. Do not tie hair in very tight ponytails. Be gentle, don’t scratch no excessive combing and do not use too many hair products on it. The trick is to keep it minimal for healthy, shiny and vibrant hair.

9. Trim


Trimming is essential as it removes the damaged part of hair. If your scalp is healthy, hair that comes out is basically healthy. But exposure to sun to harsh treatments devoids it of moisture making it dull and brittle and you end up having split ends. It’s better to lose a little hair at the end and have healthy and soft tresses. Beside this way you will finally change your hairstyle probably for the best.

8. Get rid of dandruff


Don’t attack cosmetic stores to search for a solution because dandruff plays by its whims. You need to totally eliminate it for hair that shines black without white spots. Here are some simple ways- add apple cider vinegar to your shampoo. It restores the ph balance of hair which is the root cause of dandruff. Tea tree oil helps remove dandruff permanently. Apply it in your hair just the way you would shampoo and feel the change

7. Natural products


Try to keep a distance from artificial products for the sake of your locks. You don’t have to go too far looking for solutions; they are right in your kitchen. Avocado, eggs, vinegar, lemon, honey, yogurt, hot oil etc. are just some of the infinite ingredients for healthy and vibrant hair. Whisk a couple of eggs in a bowl and apply in your hair, leave it for some time and then wash it off. What you’ll have is really soft hair. Mixing avocado and mixing with lemon and vinegar will leave your hair deep conditioned.

6. Coloring and bleaching


Colored and bleached hair looks good! Color adds an element of funk to hair or camouflages grey. But it comes at a cost and I don’t just mean money. It makes your hair weak, prone to damage and brittle. It basically destroys the cuticle of hair. Not only this, they lead to a degraded hair texture and cause irreversible damage. At the end, you have to cut the highlighted strands. If you have to color it, then use a good quality probably ammonia free, and use condoners that retain moisture after coloring.

5. Combing


First of all use a wide toothed comb with soft tips for untangling your locks. Sharp toothed comb can damage your hair and scalp. Never comb wet hair. Brush at least 2-3 times a day but avoid overdoing it. Excessive combing breaks hair while regular combing stimulates the scalp. This helps in better blood circulation and removes dead scalp tissues. This also helps keep dandruff under control. Don’t be harsh while combing them, be gentle. Comb in a direction you want to style your hair. A wooden comb can be preferred, just keep it away from water.

4. Shampoo and conditioner


Not an alien concept to anybody. We are aware of the shampoo and conditioning processes. What must be kept in mind how frequently you do this and quality of products used. Oily scalp needs regular shampooing while dry hair can work with it once in a week. Use a mild shampoo that suits your hair. Shampoo removes grime, dirt, dead skin cells, dandruff and other products you used on your hair. It gives a bouncy and clean feel to hair. Condition hair after shampoo; it will moisturize and add shine and sheen to your hair besides making it easier to manage.

3.  Avoid heat styling


Heat treatments such as curling, straightening, perming or blow drying might make look your hair stylish for a while but it snatches away the moisture and destroys its protein structure. Poorly moisturized hair is more prone to hair damage beside it also feels like straw without its softness. Hair with lesser moisture and protein content must be moisturized and deep conditioned regularly. In fact avoid too much heat styling. Limit it to only once every two months. This will give enough time to regain what has been lost.

2. Prevent from pollution


It is impossible to remain indoors all the time to protect hair from environmental damage but with some precautions it is not very difficult. Do not just go wandering around in peak afternoons. Always keep your head covered by a wide brimmed hat or scarf because sun damages the outer cuticles of hair. Also do not step out with oil in your hair. Oil acts as a magnet for dust particles which are very difficult to get rid of. Tie your hair on a windy day or a very hot afternoon. This will prevent tangling and sweat. Use sunscreen sprays on your hair before stepping out.

1.  Eat Right


A balanced meal does wonders for not just for your hair but also body. It has multiple benefits so do not refrain from it. Rather maintain your distance from processed foods and saturated fats. They lead to hair breakage and dullness. Opt for lean proteins, walnuts, flaxseed, raw vegetables, salmon (omega 3 fatty acid), whole grain, legumes, prunes, oats and dairy products. Drink plenty of water. Remember to include the “rainbow diet” in your daily regimen. Follow it for a while and you will see a remarkable difference in the quality of your hair and shed a few pounds too!

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