Top 10 Ways To Take Care For Eye Care

10. Do Not Rub Your Eyes


Most of us have the bad habit of rubbing or touching the eyes every now and then. Such a habit may cause a lot of troubles for our eyes. Since hands are exposed to dust and dirt of the surroundings, it is not safe to rub our eyes with them. Harmful germs might enter the eye and cause infections. So if you want to touch your eyes, make sure you wash your hands with soap and water.

9. Choose Branded Eye Makeup


In cosmetics, especially eye makeup products are extremely costly. Women often wear eye makeup like mascara or eye liners to make their eyes gorgeous. But when you compromise the cost of quality, you tend to choose Unbranded products. Cheaper products might not be having good quality. Choose branded eye makeup for better results and for keeping your eyes safe.

8. If You Are Advised To Wear Spectacles, Make Sure You Wear Them


Many people hate wearing spectacles even if they have problems regarding sight. People suffering from Hypermetropia or Myopia, who are advised to wear spectacles must wear spectacles or else you will find yourself in trouble.

7. Need For Protecting Your Eyes From Sharp Objects, Crackers And Chemicals


Eyes are very delicate and are prone to injuries. Hence the protection of eyes is extremely important. One must take extra care while handling sharp objects, while lighting, fire crackers or chemicals. Taking care of your eyes from such harmful substances can save your eyesight forever.

6. Pamper Your Eyes With Slices Of Cucumber Or Tomato


If you experience puffiness of eyes or dark circles, then the best home remedy is to place slices of cucumber or tomato on the eyes will refresh them. This can cool your eyes and relax your mind.

5. Protect Your Eyes From Sunlight By Wearing Sunglasses


When you are wearing sunglasses, you get complete protection for your eyes from the Ultraviolet rays that can cause damage to the eyes. Moreover, Ultra violet rays can cause wrinkles to the area around the eyes and may cause damage to the retina.

4. Wash Your Eyes With Water


Washing your eyes regularly with water will keep your eyes free of dirt and dust. Women wearing eye makeup must make sure that they remove the makeup by washing the eyes so as to prevent any kind of infection in the eyes.

3. Move Away From The Television


Staying close to the television and watching it for hours can cause damage to eyes. Usually, small children have the habit of moving in front of the television set while watching any of their favorite programs. This can damage the eyes and cause defects to the retina.

2. Do Not Smoke


Smoking is a dangerous habit that can cause a great amount of diseases. One among them is damage to the retina. Smoking makes it possible to increase the possibilities of the formation of cataract. Nicotine in cigarettes has harmful contents that can harm your retina.

  • 1.Prefer A Balanced Diet


A balanced diet will help you to increase the eyesight. Hence, care should be taken to plan for a balanced diet. This can help you to stay healthy and have healthy eyes too.

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