Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking

Once you get addicted to smoking, it is extremely hard to quit. However, like someone said, ‘If there is a will, there is a way’. You can always find ways to quit smoking if you hold your purpose strong enough. Let start with a few tips:

10. Find a Replacement: Gums, nasal sprays and inhalers are deemed as a replacement for smoking. They are not exact replacement but they help tapering off the addiction so you can manage your craving for smoking. They also help remove smoke from your lungs and other damaging chemicals from your lungs.

9. Support Groups: Finding like-minded people is another way to make it easy for you. Find someone who is up for quitting smoke. This way you can find a partner and you can support each other too. When you seem to lose the hope, they can pull you through.

8. Reduce Interference: Try to keep yourself away from the triggers like coffee and tea as far as possible. When you prepare for a proper quit, remove the ashtrays or any cigarettes from your house. Keeping tobacco related things out of sight; there is more chance that you cannot smoke.

7. Call up a Friend: When the cravings become out of control, call up a friend and remove that notion out of your mind. Busy yourself talking or find a chore to overcome the cravings. Or you can call up a counselor as it proved to be more effective to in person counseling.

6. Calculate the Money: Calculate how much you spend on buying cigarette. And think about what other stuff you can buy with that, this way you can definitely find a way to quit smoking. If you are very philanthropic type imagine a kid in Africa who is suffering from malnutrition. May be you will find a will to stop smoking.

Top 10 tips to quit smoking

5. Keep a Record of your Cravings: Noting down when, where and how many times in a week you crave for a cigarette will help you find the triggers to smoke. By keeping the record you can avoid those certain moments when your cravings were triggered.

4. Medical Therapy: If you are not satisfied with your progress try medication therapy. Smoking termination medications happened to remove the symptoms and cravings and are considered very effective under physician control. Talk to your doctor and find the best therapy.

3. Exercise: Physical exercise proved to be helpful for all medical concerns and smoking too.  Start exercising more, it will speed up cleansing from your body and the release of chemicals like endorphins will help you feel good about yourself.

2. Change in your Habits: If you are used to start your day with a cup of coffee and a cigarette, try something different in the morning. Have your tea with the morning newspaper or sit somewhere else than usual and have your morning tea or coffee.

1. Get Real: Well, you will always feel like you are losing something very important; a friend in your hard times but it’s not true. You are actually doing yourself a favor and adding more years to your life.

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